Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Astrology of Boss-Hood

A boss is an individual who supervise a number of employees and capable of making decisions or exercising authority.
Sometime the term boss is used for any higher level employee in a company, who has specific responsibilities and capabilities and can monitor, guide and judge your abilities, qualifications and experiences.

You have to work with your boss every day at the office, working well with him and being compatible with him makes life easier for you and your boss.
A smooth, productive and harmonious relation between you and your boss is beneficial for Company and its employees.

Astrological Factors influencing boss-hood:

Ascendant: general physical and mental capabilities of the native
10th lord/house: indicates profession and occupation, nature of boss.
Moon: sympathy and moods
Mars: aggressiveness
Saturn: selfishness, avoidance for outward activities.
Jupiter: self sufficiency and self indulgence

Different types of boss-hood:

Harmonious compatibility
  • 10th house falling in a benefice sign signifies  good compatible boss especially if the sign is Cancer, Sagittarius and  Pisces.
  • A benefice planet placed/aspecting 10th house,  indicates smooth and harmonious relation with the boss.
  • Friendly relation between lords of 10th and  ascendant gives an easy compatibility with the boss.
  • 10th house sign falling in Taurus/Libra indicates an artistic boss, who is easily pleased by his own praises.
  • The 10th sign falling in Gemini/Virgo sign,  indicates an intelligent boss but lacking the quality of courage in facing  risks and dangers.
  • Strong Sun and Jupiter in a horoscope indicates guidance and monitoring by a capable boss.
  • Sun as the lord of 10th house influenced by benefices indicates an honest boss and who is upright in dealings and possesses a good moral standard.
Disharmonious compatibility
  • 10th house falling in a cruel sign, indicates aggressive, dominating and repulsive natured boss especially if the sign falls in Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn.
  • A malefic planet placed/aspecting 10th house indicates disharmonies relation with the boss.
  • Lord of 10th house placed in an inauspicious house/aspected and associated with malefic, indicates disharmony with the boss.
  • Mars being the lord of 10th house is in heavy affliction indicates excessive ambition, authority, arrogance and aggressiveness of the boss.
  • Saturn being the lord of 10th house in heavy affliction indicates interruptive and selfish nature of the boss.
  • Moon as the lord of 10th being in a heavy affliction indicates constant mood swings of the boss resulting in luctuating compatibility.

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