Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Core Star Meditation

With because of think to reiki and pranic great master Mr. Virendra Thakkar, I'm sharing with the extremely persuading primary property -empowerment approach referred to as Core Star arbitration.
Hara posture


1.Bear in mind of 1 and 1/2  inch  the Tan-Tien point  below this belly key about the middle of the of the body. Have the power and Heat there. Feel the temperature as in this molten core regarding the planet earth stay concentrated there right up until it's pretty hot. Just take extremely slow and also deep 10 breaths by counting 10 to at least one, as constantly visualizing the Tan-Tien place.

2.Be aware of the Soul- seat in the chest 2 and an inch below the hollow in your throat. It is perhaps not this center chakra. It is such as diffused light around a candle. Soul's yearning along with the song of the Soul, exists here. Once you relate for you to it, this is like a bulb being blown up within your chest. It's spherical appearance. Just take but one more group of 10 breaths, counting 10 to at least one, while visualizing the Soul -seat.

3.Feel this laser beam range heading from the Soul-seat down coming from the Tan-Tien in the pelvis and into the centre of the Earth. Just take 10 deep breaths, while focusing in the core of the planet earth.

4.Focus on the Laser line going right through this Soul couch ---Tan Tien---pelvis---centre of the Earth. Have the power and mute within the room.

5.Be aware regarding the ID place, To and also 2 to 3 feet above your face, A half inch in diameter. If your even perception is the fact that available this really is like God-Head ID place, while picturing the basketball, keep your back straight, you could hear an audio. Just take 10 deep breaths, while focusing on ID place. Think that tiny laser [half the size of your little finger] likely to the molten main of this world via this Soul-seat and the Tan Tien.

6.Do the power. This is the fact that alignment. That is link between earth and heaven.

Light Rising From the Primary/Core Star


Be aware of the Core-star 1and1/2 inch above the belly -button. There is the substance of your

: Who you are beyond time, house, yearning and desires.

- Merely at whom place there is no need, no pain, no wish, you are simply a creator.

The creative force should go at the core-star through the ID place Soul-seat and Tan-Tien upon the haric degree.

Let the light within your Expert star to arise within every cellular associated with your body, taking this members associated with your bloodstream together within the light of your own body. That light could always be the light of your own primary superstar the God within.

Do that where there is
- Pain or perhaps illness.

-- Anger or fear.

- Suspicion or greed.


Enable who substance to movement through each level of the auric field.



Thursday, January 24, 2013

Astrological Effects of Rahu

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and have no physical form like other seven planets. Taurus is its exaltation sign and Scorpio is its debilitated sign. Rahu also acts a catalyst agent to enhance the results of that strong planet with whom it is conjoined.

General charters tics of Rahu:
  • Considered as cruel, significator of bondage, dark complexion, tamsic or arrogant nature, harsh or evil thinking, Rahu also represents Akash element and contributes for fear psychosis and madness.
  • Rahu is a shadow planet hence deals with the shadow actions or psychological aspects of a person. Rahu represents serpent head, it strikes too fast, hence is an indicator of accident. It has secretive deals. People with strong Rahu even try to understand mysticism and secrets of universe.
  • Rahu is responsible for profession in investigation, scientist, computer programmer, lecturer, psychologist, expert in mental diseases, politicians and work related to radio/telephone/ television and astrology.
  • Rahu is responsible for sinking with ship or drawing, pleasure with diseased women, life in a cave . Being a significator of Akash element Rahu is also responsible for journey by aeroplane. Rahu can cause imprisonment if it is placed in 12th house.
  • Rahu like Saturn has separative tendencies hence breaks many houses and even business partnerships. It is responsible for marital or family discord. It is a planet of suddenness hence gives quick and sudden results. In human relations it, it commands the maternal -side and in-laws.
  • On the human body Rahu is indicator of skin diseases, causes abortions, and affects the nervous system, phobia, stammering, leprosy, tumours, serpent bits, amputation, leprosy, giddiness and early child deaths.
Planetary effects of Rahu:
  • Generally Rahu offers the results of the planets with which it is conjoined, or by which it is aspected or by the ruler of the sign in which they are placed.
  • Astrologers consider Rahu as a very strong and powerful and it snatches power of a planet/s to whom it is associated with. All attributes/qualities of that planet/s are being taken by Rahu and the result may happen accordingly in its period.
  • If Rahu placed in benefice houses like 5th/9th and if it is in conjunction with or aspected by lord of Maraka hose such that is 2nd/7th, it causes death in their Dasha, even through the lord of house 5th/9th are highly auspicious or produce raj-yoga.
  • If Rahu is in Maraka houses or in 2nd/7th and if it is conjoined with or aspected by lords of 5th/9th, it does not causes death, but it increases one's health and contribute for the longer life span of the native.
  • If Rahu is paced in 2nd/7th and if lords of 2nd/7th are conjoined with it or aspect Rahu the latter then gets the power of inflicting death.
  • Rahu place in 6th/8th/12th house and associated with lords of quadrants/trines, the native will enjoy the beneficial results during the transition period or Mahadasa of such planet, but they will also suffer from diseases, undergo many difficulties and meet with accident during Antradasha of lord of 6th/8th/12th planets.
  • Rahu placed in 1st/3rd/4th/7th/9th/10th and benefice or Yogkarak planets conjoin or aspect it, one can expect happiness, health, wealth, children, power, prosperity and comforts of conveyance in their periods.
  • Rahu combine with Sun/Moon or in close conjunction with them produces Eclipse yoga. This yoga affects the digestion and progeny. The native faces many hardships in the life regarding luck, education career and child birth.
Brief description of effects produced by placement of Rahu in different house:
  • 1st --- cruel, courageous, dark complexion, faith in religion.
  • 2nd--- argumentative, quarrelsome, knowledge in computer or electronics.
  • 3rd--- wealthy, wrestler, sportsman, healthy.
  • 4th--- unhappy, problem related with mother and property.
  • 5th--- progeny problems, abortions, timid, poor intelligence.
  • 6th--- winner, no enemy, freedom from diseases.
  • 7th--- late/unconventional marriage, diabetic and egoistic.
  • 8th--- exile, loose morals, litigation and settlement away from the birth place.
  • 9th--- political career, wealthy and expert in many fields.
  • 10th--- politics, interest in literature and scholar.
  • 11th --- excess flow of income and fame.
  • 12th--- imprisonment, saint fame gained outside the country.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Engineering Profession in Career Astrology

Profession plays a major role in an individual life. Nowadays everybody is concerned about having a right career and career growth. By astrological consultation the native can decide on a rewarding profession, desired results and inner satisfaction. Symptoms of a future career are seen in the native's horoscope.

Factors responsible for engineering profession
  • Mars---related to courage, energy, arms, tools industries, electricity, thermal power, engineering
  • Saturn---related to labour, iron and steel industries, care and maintenance of machinery, industrial research, deep knowledge
  • Ascendant---governing the native capability, interaction, vitality
  • 2nd house---status and accumulated wealth
  • 3rd house---learning, initiative and communication
  • 5th house---intellect and speculative gains
  • 6th house---financial stability and debts
  • 7th house---partnership and foreign tours
  • 8th house---gains and obstacles
  • 9th house---fortunes and short journeys
  • 10th house--- profession
  • 11th house---income and gains
  • 12th house---losses and relation with foreign land
Different Combinations for Engineering Profession
  • Saturn posited in ascendant in Mars sign [Aries or Scorpio] aspect the 10th house, gives engineering profession
  • Mars posited in ascendant in Saturn sign [Capricorn or Aquarius] denotes engineering profession
  • 5th/10th house/lord influenced by Saturn/Mars
  • 3rd lord combines with Mars, and aspect by Saturn
  • Saturn is 9th lord and Mars is 11th lord related to each other
  • Saturn and Mars exchange each other sign, combine, or aspect each other
  • Sun and Moon in ascendant and Saturn and Mars in 10th house
  • In Aries ascendant Saturn in 4th house and Mars in 10th house
  • Saturn and Mars in Leo ascendant, and Jupiter in 4th hose
  • 3rd lord and 7th lord combine in Virgo ascendant, aspect by Saturn and Mars

Friday, January 11, 2013

पूर्व प्रेमिका का ख़त

पूर्व प्रेमिका का ख़त            

डियर बंटी ,

आशा है मेरी तरह तुम भी राज़ी खुशी होगे । जीवन के जो दस महीने तुमने मुझसे बेपनाह प्यार किया उसके लिए दिलो जान से शुक्रिया। आशा है अब तक तुम भी मेरी तरह प्यार की दूसरी मेट्रो पर सवार हो गये होंगें और जम कर उसके पैसों पर ऐश भी कर रहे होगे ।

इस नामुराद दिल को समझाना भी बड़ा मुश्किल है । दुनियावी पूरी पढाई कर ली लेकिन जालिम प्रेम का ढाई अक्षर समझना बड़ा इम्पोसिबल है। तुम्हारे किनारा करते ही मैंने तुम्हें मिस करने के साथ - ही-साथ अपने ही मोहल्ले के एक खाते - पीते घर के इकलौते चिराग पर लंगर डालने शुरू कर दिए थे। तुम तो जानते हो यह मेरा पांचवा एटेम्पट है, लेकिन स्ट्रगल उतनी ही करनी पड़ रही हैं, जितनी तुम्हारी 6 बाई 6 विज़न वाली नज़रों को धोखा देने के लिए करनी पड़ी थी ।

प्यारे बंटी , तुम तो जानते हो न की हिंदी और इंग्लिश दोनों समभाव से मेरी सौतनें है । तुम्हारे और तुमसे पहले वाले तीन प्रेमियों द्वारा लिखे लव-लेटर्स और इन्टरनेट पर उपलब्ध फ्री ऑनलाइन वाली शेरो -शायरियां को कतरा -कतरा जोड़ कर अपनी समझ से , मैं कितने जतन से तुम्हें लव-लेटर्स लिखती थी । इतनी मेहनत अगर मैंने कॉलेज की पढाई में की होती तो शायद दो बार एक्स-स्टूडेंट का खिताब न मिला होता ।

फिर एक बार में उसी दुविधा में हूँ। आशा है तुम इस संकट की घडी में मेरी मदद जरुर करोगे । अब कैसे बोलूं ? लेकिन बोलना तो पड़ेगा ही ना। तुम्हें लाइन मारने के पीरियड के पहले वाले दो महीनो में लिखे लव-लेटर्स की मेरे पास फोटो कॉपी है लेकिन बाद में ओवर - कॉंफिडेंट होने के कारण सारी मूल पांडुलिपियों थी , जो इस समय तुम्हरे घर का कचरा ही बड़ा रहीं होंगी।

अगर तुमें जरा भी शर्म है उन पैसों की जो मैंने तुम्हार ऊपर खर्चे थे , तो तुम मेरे सारे प्रेम- पत्र लौटा दोगें। मैं उन पत्रों में वाइट -मार्कर लगा कर “ बंटी ” की जगह मुन्ना लिख दूंगी | इससे मेरा बहुत सा कीमती समय बच जायेगा।

और हाँ साथ ही तुम मेरी वह फोटो भी लौटा देना जो मुंबई के चौपाटी बीच की है। तुम जानते हो उसमें डूबते हुए सन -रेज़ के रिफ़्लेशन की वजह से मेरा रंग गोरा आया हुआ है और मुँह पर नगरनिगम की सड़क पर पड़े हुए पिम्पल्स के गड्ढे भी नहीं दिखाई पड़ रहे है। वैसे एक और फोटो है मेरे पास दिल्ली के मशहुर -- प्रेम स्टूडियो --की खिंची हुई । तुम जानते हो वह स्टूडियो वाला कितनी चालाकी से किसी झोपड़-पट्टी वाली को भी कटरीना कैफ्फ़ के रूप में ढाल देता है । लेकिन वह फोटो तो मेरा ट्रूम-कार्ड है जो बाद में किसी लड़के -वाले को उल्लू बनाने के काम आएगा ।तुम तो बस जल्दी से मेरे सारे प्रेम पत्र और फोटो भेज देना जो में जेट स्पीड से मुन्ना को भेज सकूँ।

अब जब बात हिसाब किताब की हो ही रही है, तो तुमें ,पता ही है की तुम्हारे साथ चले लफड़े में मेरी बहुत जेब ढीली हुई थी। तुम्हारा कंजूस बाप और तुम्हारा हमेशा घर पर पर्स भूल कर आना , हमेशा मेरे बटुवे पर ही भारी पड़ता था। खैर पुराने हिसाब -किताब की इतनी जल्दी ना होती अगर मुन्ना को इमीडियेट इम्प्रेस न करना होता । इकलौता हैं ना, कही दूसरी कलमुहीं न झपट्टा मार ले। तुम्हारे इस भुकतान से ही मेरे शो -ऑफ करने का दीया दुबारा रोशन हो सकेगा ।

हाँ तो 10 महीनों का खर्चा इस तरह है :

छोले भठूरे/चाट पपड़ी/टिक्की का खर्चा -----1,115/-
पप्पू ठेले वाले के चाइनीज़ फ़ूड --------1,995/-
कोल्ड ड्रिंक्स ------- 775 /-
स्नेक्स --------1,385/-
मिक्स्ड फ्रूट जूस ------1,050/-
मोबाइल बिल -------3,455/-
तुम्हारी बाइक की पेट्रोल --------4,325/-
तुम्हारे सिगरेट और पान मसाले ------1,225/-
दुसरे गिफ्ट्स आइटम्स -------2,945/-
टोटल खर्च --------21,265/-रूपए
अमाउंट इन वर्ड्स --------इक्कीस हज़ार दो सौ पैंसठ रूपए मात्र

इस पत्र के साथ मैं भी तुम्हें , तुम्हारे पुराने एक किलो ढाई सौ ग्राम वजन वाले प्रेम पत्र लौटा रही हूँ , जिनके शायद कबाड़ी वाला 5 रुपए किलो भाव भी न दे। आशा है मेरी तरह तुम्हारे यह प्रेम-पत्र भी तुमरे बहुत काम आयेंगें | तुम्हें भी दुबारा दिमागी माथा - खप्ची और मेहनत नही करनी पड़ेगी । साथ में , मैं तुम्हारी वह इकलौती फोटो भी भेज रही हूँ इसमें तुम इंसानों के जैसे ठीक ठाक दिख रहे हो । हो सके तो तुम अपनी नई प्रेमिका " शेरी " को यही फोटो भेज देना ।

और हाँ मैंने इमोशनल होकर तुम्हें कई गिफ्ट्स दिए थे , उनमें जो-जो तुमें पसंद नहीं उन्हें मुझे वापिस लौटा देना एक चौथाई दामों पर मैं ही खरीद लुंगी तुमसे । क्या करूँ ? कडकी है ना ! नया एफोर्ट करने की अभी औकात नहीं है। उन गिट्स के दाम तुम टोटल अमाउंट में से काट लेना।

आशा है तुम हमारे इनोसेंट प्रेम की लाज रख पुराना हिसाब ईमानदारी से जल्द से जल्द साफ़ कर दोगे । ताकि मैं एक बार फिर से प्रेम के दरिया में डूब सकूँ और डेटिंग शुरू कर सकूँ । और तुम भी मेरी तरफ से बकाया भुक्तान करने के बाद बेस्ट विशिज़ के साथ एन ओ सी प्राप्त कर अपने नए प्यार में कूद सको। तुम्हें तुम्हारा आठवां प्यार मुबारक हो .......
........... तुम्हारी सातवी पूर्व प्रेमिका बबली

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marital Compatibility: Conjugal Bliss and Discord in Astrology

Everyone thinks of a pleasent, prosperous and a peaceful life after getting married. To get adjustment in wedded life, each of the partners should share equal amount of love, affection, sympathy, amicable understanding and similar mental aptitude. Marriage Compatibility is viewed essential for happy marital life.
Sometimes there are marriages having inharmonious relationship, resulting in marital discord.

The reasons can be many including the economical, lack of physical and psychological compatibility, extra marital affairs, aggressive attitude, selfish nature, etc. Discords have two dimensions one peaceful separation/divorce and other violent quarrels/abusive disputes followed by court cases

Factors governing married life:
  • Ascendant: own mental, physical and emotional capabilities
  • 5th house: strength of the marriage relation
  • 7th house: marriage partner
  • Moon: revels the desires of mind
  • Mars: assists in strengthen the sexual instinct
  • Venus: maintains sexual activity, significator of wife
  • Jupiter: significator of husband

Combinations for a sweet conjugal married life:

  • 5/9 placement of lords of ascendant and 7th house. Sweet conjugal married life is indicated.
  • Exalted Moon/Venus being placed in 7th house.
  • Lords of 5th and 7th houses exchange houses.
  • Lords of ascendant, 5th and 7th placed in 5th house, indicates sentimental love bond, in married life.
  • Moon is aspected/associated by Venus, indicates a good marriage compatibility.
  • Moon placed in 7th house, indicates a beautiful/handsome life partner.
  • Moon in Libra indicates peaceful sexual relationship in a married life.
  • Venus posited in 5th house , indicates favourable love matters and sexual ability of the partner.
  • Married life will be highly compatible if the ascendant of the woman becomes 7th from the man's ascendant, or vice-versa.
  • If Mars owns its own house in Aries/Scorpio or is positioned in exaltation, or if it is located in 4th / 7th house being the lord of 7th house from Moon/Venus/Ascendant, indicates a sweet conjugal life.
  • Lord of the ascendant is present in the ascendant, and the lord of the 7th house is present in the 7th house, indicates a successful married life.
  • Venus, Jupiter, Moon and Mercury place in 7th house will make the life wonderful after a miraculous turn of the life.
  • Mercury/Moon/Sun being the significator of 7th house, receives beneficial aspect from the 11th house.
  • Venus and Mars are in good aspect, and not the significator of 6th/8th/12th/houses.
  • Jupiter/Venus and the lord of 7th house are placed 2/11th to each other.
  • Location of Mars in 1st/2nd/4th/7th/8th house from the ascendant/Moon/Sun/Venus creates Mangalik- dosha which creates problem in the married life of the native, however the malevolent effects of the Mars will be removed if Mars is located in a moveable sign like Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn in these houses.

Combinations for marital-discords:

  • Lords of ascendant and 7th are placed 6th /8th to each other. Indicates disturb married life.
  • 6/8th placement of Moon and Venus, marital discord will present.
  • Lords of ascendant/7th house combined with nodes [Rahu/Ketu] and function malefic indicates disturbance in married life.
  • At least two retrograde planets aspect 7th house.
  • Lords of 8th/12th houses posited in 3rd house, and nodes/malefic planets are present in the 7th house. Divorce or separation is indicated.
  • A combination of Saturn and Rahu, Mars and Rahu, and Sun and Mars present in the horoscope , indicates disputes in married life.
  • Sun as the significator of 2nd/7th/11th house, receives evil aspect from the Moon.
  • Malefic present in 7th house and receive bad aspect from the significator of 6th/8th/12th houses.
  • Saturn present in 7th house indicates unhappy married life.
  • Moon is in disharmonious aspect with the Jupiter , indicates sexual dissatisfaction in married life.
  • Moon is in the bad aspect of Venus indicates adulterous nature of the partner resulting in marital-discord.
  • Venus and Mercury present in 7th/8th/10th house.
  • Sun present in 7th house may induce separation in the married life.
  • Venus and Rahu present in 7th house, indicate highly adulterous nature of the native, resulting in marital-discord.
  • Mars especially when debilitated, forming relationship with ascendant/7th house/lord makes the native aggressive and ill-tempered and gives enough reason for martial –discord.
  • Mars combined with Rahu/Ketu makes the native/spouse stray, resulting in marital –discord.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Medical Profession In Career Astrology

Factors responsible for medical profession:

  • Ascendant: general physical and mental aptitude and inclination
  • 5th/9th house/ lords: represent intelligence , basic and higher education
  • 6th house: indicates diseases
  • 8th house: indicates longetivity, life span and death
  • 10th house: occupation
  • 11th house: gain and income
  • Sun: significator of medicine
  • Moon: significator of drugs and herbs, medicines obtained from herbs
  • Mars: denotes surgery
  • Jupiter and Mercury: denotes specialization
  • Saturn and Rahu: indicates lingering and incurable diseases, suffering of life and related to medical profession.
Different combination for medical profession
  • Sun/Saturn/Rahu related to 5th/9th/10th/ house or their lords
  • 6th/8th house/lords related to 5th /10th house/lords in any way
  • Jupiter is related to 5th/10th house/lord
  • Mars or any malefic planet is related to 5th/10th house/lords
  • 6th lord is posited in 9th/5th/11th
  • 11th lord is posited in 6th house
  • Rahu/Sun/Saturn related to ascendant/2nd/5th/10th house/lords
  • Sun and Mars in 10th, the native will be a good surgeon
  • Venus and Jupiter in 6th/12th ,the native will opts for medical profession
  • Mercury and Sun posited in 4th place from ascendant / Jupiter or placed 8th from Moon the native will become a qualified doctor, if this combination happens to be in cancer ascendant, he will achieve fame in this field.

    Combination for Specialization in medical field

    • Sun, Mercury and Venus in 1st/2nd/6th/10th/11th house: indicates the field of dentistry
    • Sun, Mars and Venus in 1st/2ed/6th/10th/11th house: eye specialist
    • Mars, Venus and Saturn related to 6th/10th house: skin specialist
    • Ketu [dragon tail] related to 10th house: homeopathic doctor
    • Sun/Mars/Ketu posited in 2nd/5th/10th house: homeopathic profession
      Significance of sign of 10th house for specialized doctor's profession

      • Aries: dentistry and surgery
      • Taurus: physician, chemist
      • Gemini: medical research and physician
      • Cancer: gynaecologist and nursing
      • Leo: heart specialist
      • Virgo: general medicine and chemist
      • Libra: gynaecologist, lab technician and pathologist
      • Scorpio: general medicine, dentist, orthopaedic and surgeon
      • Sagittarius: x-ray, ultra sound specialist
      • Capricorn: physician
      • Aquarians: neurologist, naturopathy and medical tools
      • Pisceans: physician, nursing and surgery