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Illusionary Spiritual Experiences in the Path of Spirituality

An aspirant as he makes progress in his spiritual path begins to experience varieties of spiritual experiences. The seeker who has established himself in purity, self control and concentration of mind can perceive the experiences which are beyond the explanation by five senses; mind and intellect are known as mystical or spiritual experiences.

Spiritual experiences and visions are the faint glimpses of supreme consciousness. The visions or experiences serves as milestones of progress on the path of spirituality. There are certain signs by which an aspirant's progress in spiritual path can be ascertained they are:


"Rotating snakes" Circular snakes appear to rotate 'spontaneously'.

Copyright A.Kitaoka 2003. Our senses are NOT reliable!

Mystical experiences:
  • The seeker can sense or experience the subtle essence of earth, air, fire, water and ether by his five senses. He can enjoy heavenly fragrances, flavor, sound and touch by concentrating on his five senses.
  • Experience the state of eternal bliss.
  • Upsurge of great current in one's solar plexus, it is felt like an erupting volcano.
  • Vision of inner light is experienced.
  • The object of concentration becomes clearer, real and distinct for the seeker.
  • Spiritual dreams and dreamless sleep are experienced.

Experience of spiritual emotions:
  • Stupor [dizziness], tears, loss of consciousness, choking of voice, trembling[Shake involuntarily], paleness of complexion, horripilation[The bristling of the body hair]and perspiration [sweating]are the some spiritual emotions experienced in the path of spirituality.
  • The seeker can experience one or more than one emotions at a time. When the seeker experience more than five or six spiritual emotional experiences he may lose all body consiousness .
Attainments of psychic powers: 
  • The power of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, hypnosis, conquest of hunger and thirst, ability to make oneself invisible, light weight, big and small are some psychic ability gained by the spiritual seeker.
  • The experiences of psychic powers I serve as the milestone of progress for an aspirant giving him inspiration and self confidence.
What are false spiritual experiences? 
  • Not all the experiences and realizations are authentic and they cannot always give an accurate measure of seeker's progress in the path of spirituality.
  • Many spiritual experiences are merely imaginary tricks of one's mind, self- delusion, self- deception and the conclusions obtained from the experiences in dreams and hallucinations.These pseudo perceptions may induce false spiritual experiences in the seeker.
  • Outer world entities or invisible forces of fourth plane may manipulate the mind and psyche of a person, to misguide him on the path of spirituality. The seeker influenced by these entities may experience false spiritual experiences.
  • These false experiences are not authentic and they do not indicate any spiritual advancement.

 Who induces pseudo experiences in aspirant?
  • Seeker's own mind can induce the false spiritual experiences by self- delusion, fabrication, wrong thinking and exaggeration.
  • The power full mentors/ cult-guru/ religious- teacher/tantric /kundalini yogi's can also manipulate the spiritual experience of the seeker. The seeker may feel sudden uplift in spiritual emotions or the feeling of ecstasy in the presence of a great spiritual personality and can easily misunderstood them as his owns spiritual advancement.
  • Outer world entities also known as aliens, reptalians etc can manipulate the visions, thoughts, memories, emotions of the seeker to control the seeker/world by gaining excess vital energy.
  • Sexual vampires are the entities feed themselves on the life-force energy generated by sexual- activities. These entities may induce the experiences of unnatural sex, rape, elevated sexuality in the seekers in his dreams or trance state.
  • Invisible entities of this plane consisting of spirits having unfulfilled desires can create illusionary spiritual experiences in an individual in order to misguide him on the path of spirituality.
  • Sorcerers/vampires having higher mystical power can also manipulate the spiritual experiences.
Consequences of false or pseudo spiritual experiences:
  • False spiritual experiences have a tendency to cause pride and ego in the seeker. The enhanced psychic abilities, healing power and elevated consciousness, filled the seeker with the sense of elevated self- achievement and self -fulfillment.
  • The false or pseudo spiritual experiences as the result of manipulation of the dreams, thoughts and emotions of the seeker, these experiences misguide him on the real path of spirituality.
  • Repeated dreams of perverted sexuality, rape, fear, hate, anger and enmity are the symptoms of pseudo-spiritual experiences induces by subtle entities.
  • The seeker may fall in the false or pseudo perception of elevated consciousness, enlightenment and blessings of the desired deity's grace. These self-satisfaction feelings do not indicate any spiritual progress.
  • In the long term the false spiritual experiences induce the feeling of delusion, distress, guilt and psychosis in the seeker. Misgivings and feelings of frustration often sway his mind.
  • The seeker will become bankrupt of all his spiritual earnings. In the long term with his shattered energy field the seeker may miss the Supreme -Goal. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why Spiritual Seekers Are Frequently Deserted By Their Partners, Family Members and Society

what is spirituality?
  • Spirituality is the state or quantity of being spiritual for a living being-much less a human being.
  • Spirituality includes the knowledge of God, universe, creation, man, mind, soul and matter.
Characteristics of spiritual people:

  • The spiritual people concentrate their energies within or in their inner world by practicing mediation, yoga, devotion and other mystical methods.
  • The flashes spark, light or enlightenment that they acquire and record generally as revelations are the back bone of spiritual experiences, studies and practices.
  • They mostly live in silence, in serene and quite atmosphere and environment.

  • The universe is based on cosmic laws and all the phenomena are essentially of the nature of vibrations or motions of
    different kinds.
  • Everything in the universe is energy. Every matter, thought, belief, emotion, body and mind is a specific form of energy.
  • There are only higher and lower vibratory frequencies. The lower or denser vibrations have less energy associated with them as compared to the higher vibratory frequencies.
  • The universe is created by vibration and is maintained by vibration and at the time of dissolution is destroyed by the vibration. Each vibration has its own individual wavelength which characterizes it and can identify it.
Vibrations of energy fields or aura:

  • Every human being is surrounded by a luminous invisible subtle energy field which interpenetrates the physical body and emits its own characteristic radiation or vibrations known as aura.
  • The aura is divided into several layers or bodies interpenetrating each other and surrounding each other in successive manner.
  • Each successive body is composed of finer substance with higher vibration than other that it surrounds and interpenetrates.
Frequency of a spiritual seeker:

  • Normal human beings vibrate at 68-72 MHz
  • The pulsation rate of spiritual person's aura is 92-360 MHz The aura of spiritual person vibrate at a very high frequency compared to other persons because of his developed higher mind, will, knowing, integration of spiritual and physical make-up.
  • A spiritual seeker has much developed higher subtle bodies, hence his aura vibrate at tremendous higher frequencies.
  • While the aura of a normal human being pulsates at lower pace due to his limitations, material desires, lust, mental and emotional blockages.
Harmonic induction:

  • Pulsation rate of one's auric field induces changes in the pulsation rate of another's auric field.
  • The change may be positive, negative or neutral.
  • Energy always flows from higher to lower voltage.
Reasons for discord:

  • When people are not within the same frequency or cannot synchronize harmonically, it becomes difficult to communicate.
  • It is very difficult to communicate through the very big difference in pulsation rates of the auras of the spiritual seeker and other persons.
  • Intimacy requires aura fields of concerned persons to be in harmony. The ability to either pulsate in the same frequency range or to synchronize fields using harmonics is necessary for communion.
  • The pulsation rate of the spiritual people is very high and normal people's aura is not able to pulsate at that fast pace.
  • Sometimes the high voltage pulsation of the spiritual person induces a series of bio-plasmic changes in the aura of other persons this in turn elevates their pulsation rate.
  • This elevated flow of power running though the aura of the others person may release their mental, psychological and emotional blocks, and some deep rooted negative emotions of anger, fear, hatred, sex, enmity and evil memories may surface on the consciousness resulting in discord, stress and disharmony with the spiritual seeker.


    Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    Why Different Kriyas Are Experienced by Disciples In The Presence Of Guru

    What is a Kriya?

    Kriya is an involuntary physical and mental purification activities and reactions resulted from elevated spiritual consciousness. Seekers frequently experience kriyas during their spiritual practices.

    A disciple coming in contact with his Guru may feel a sudden uplift of spiritual emotions and ecstasy manifested by uncontrolled physical and mental movements, activities or reactions known as kriyas.

    Characteristics of Kriya:
    • The aura of a Guru has tremendous vibratory energy, whenever a disciple sits within the range of the Guru auric field, his own auric field vibration is lifted to higher dimension and he feels elevated spiritual consciousness.
    • In order to higher energy to flow though our channels we need enlarged and unobstructed nadis. The elevated consciousness felt in the presence of the Guru releases the personal energy blocks necessary for inner purification.

    • The expansion of energy field and clearing of inner impurities may take place on many levels like physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual.
    • Whenever this elevated energy comes up against inner blockages of a disciple,  kriyas produce in him. The inner impurities or blockages may be in the form of illness, emotional traumas, narrow or negative belief and attitudes, psycho-spiritual debris from past lives karmas and psychic influences from astral and invisible dimensions.
    • Sometimes the disciple imitates a variety of animal sounds and movements which represents his previous births habitual patterns.

    Manifestation of kriyas:

    Physical level:

    Sensation in spinal cord, tingling in body, giddiness or heaviness in head, clapping, uncoordinated movements of hands, rapid movement of head, swinging from one side to other, high vibration in the body, dancing, singing, physical contortions, suspension of breath, abdomen can get flat and drawn inward, the chin may press against the lower hollow of the neck in the front, burning sensation in body sometimes the hands, feet and body will move to from certain dance patterns or yogic asana or postures which the disciple have never done before. Sometimes the disciple may act as a trained gymnast and makes rare hands posture or mudras.

    Mental level:

    In mental Kriyas different past lives patterns and imprints may surface on the consciousness and the seeker may feel the emotions of joy, sorrow, pain, and trance, he may feel prana or subtle energy flowing in the brain, feeling of extreme weightlessness or levitation, seeing lights and smelling sweet fragrances.

    Emotional level:

    Laughing or weeping with extreme joy, stupor [marginal consciousness], perspiration, horripilation [bristling of body hair], choking of voice, trembling, paleness of complexion, tears and loss of consciousness are some common signs of emotional kriyas felt by a disciple in the presence of the Guru. The disciple may automatically chant mantra or sing devotional songs in the front of their Guru,

    Spiritual level:

    In the presence of Guru the devotee may feel elevated level of spiritual advancement and filled with spiritual fervour. Devotion, concentration, renunciation and feeling of super consciousness are common experiences, experienced in the presence of the Guru. Some devotee can see saints, divine entities and celestial bodies like stars, sun and moon in the presence of their Guru. Some disciple may automatically get answers of their spiritual quarries in the front of Guru in the mysterious ways.

    Benefits of kriyas:

    • Kriyas balances the body, mind and senses by removing the impurities, deficiencies and weaknesses.
    • The kriyas which are visible as uncontrolled body movements may signify a great inner healing process. We are not aware of our inner blockages but the kriyas work constantly to dissolve these blockages.
    • Physical kriya washes out the carbon dioxide from the blood, reactivate the brain cells, clean the air channels and stimulate the abdominal organs.
    • Kriyas redistribute the unbalanced energy of the aura created by malfunctioning chakras.
    • People having angry, depressed and worried attitude may feel sharp pain in solar plexus area, nausea and heavy weight being felt on chest or a sudden sensation of being punched in the stomach.
    • Different mudras as kriyas pacify and sooth the heart chakra.
    • Many kriyas can dissolve the negativity of this and past lives karmas.
    • Kriyas are simply the tools of mysterious and amazing transformation of consciousness.