Monday, April 28, 2014

Mystical Secret of Divine Reiki Light (DRL)-Cone

Reiki is the generic Japanese word, describes any work based on the life force energy.Reiki is God's love in its purest form. Being completely unconditional, it demands nothing of the giver or receiver. It is a silver white light energy which is a transforming energy on all levels of a person's beingness.
Divine Reiki Light [DRL] is a very powerful practice which glorifies the superior quality of the heart the unconditional love. Heart automatically objectifies what cannot be objectified.

True power resides in heart. Divine Reiki Light [DRL] invokes the magical power of heart the divine unconditional love and compassion. Universal life force energy and universal love are always there but we need an open heart to receive them and communicate them to others
DRL when combined with Reiki, multiplies and intensifies the divine healing energy, thousands folds. The heart which DRL points towards is the one heart which is common to us all.

The powerful procedure of DRL is applied to healing a person, a relation or a situation. You can send healing across time and space.

  •  Request the Reiki, Reiki masters and guides to send you the Divine Reiki Light.
  •  Visualize the Divine Reiki Light as a very high voltage silver white light coming from infinity, and entering your Crown Chakra.
  •  Visualize this divine spiritual light coming down through Third Eye Chakra to the Throat Chakra to your Heart Chakra.
  •  Project the DRL out from your front Heart Chakra in a cone like fashion. Like a conical beam of light emerging from a very powerful torch.
  •  Now see the intended healee, situation or event as small as enough to be covered by the DRL -cone.
  •  Now further enhanced and intensify the DRL by sending additional Reiki through your hands. Intend that Reiki should also flow from your hands to heal the objective covered by the DRL-cone.
  •  When you are satisfied with healing, declare the person/situation/event as healed.
  •  Now thanks the divine DRL with the attitude of gratitude.
  •  The frequency of the DRL sessions will evidently depend on the seriousness of the problem.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Astrology of Recovery From Diseases

The planetary position of a horoscope chart indicates the nature of the disease one would suffer from and how they would affect him. Diseases and death are can be previously ascertained and adequate provision can be made to arrest or minimize such evil influences.

Factors influencing diseases and possible recovery from it
Ascendant: native's vitality and vigor.
Sun: general build up and strength of the physical constitution.
Moon: indicates mental health of a person.
6th house/lord: ordinary ill health and disease or acute disease.
8th house/lord: fatal nature of disease causing mental disturbance and anxiety to life.
12th house/lord: hospitalization due to chronicle problems.
Combination for contracting diseases:
  • Sun is aspected by malefic constitute susceptibility for illness.
  • Saturn aspecting 6th house/lord.
  • Saturn and Moon combined in sign Cancer.
  • Sun is influenced by Mars and Venus.
  • Lord of 6th and Sun combined in ascendant/8th house indicates diseases affecting face.
  • Lord of ascendant and 8th combined together.
  • Lord/house of ascendant is aspected by Saturn and Mars.
  • Lord of ascendant and Sun combined in 6th/8th/12th house.
  • Saturn and Mars combined in 6th/8th house.
  • Lord of 6th combined with Moon in ascendant/8th house.
  • Malefic in 6th with no benefic aspects cause continuous illness.
  • Jupiter and Moon posited in 12th house.
  • Sun, Mars and Saturn combined in a house, gives disease in the organ denoted by that house.
  • Malefic Mars is being placed in an evil sign.
  • Lord of 8th house is being hammed between malefic or the planets in debilitation.
Combinations for early recovery from illness:
  • Strong planet placed in ascendant gives early recover from illness.
  • Lords of ascendant and 10th house are friendly with each other.
  • Lords of 4th and 7th houses indicates quick recovery.
  • Lord of ascendant is related to Moon, and Moon is influenced by benefic planets or posited in quadrant, indicates early recovery from illness.
  • Lord of ascendant and Moon placed in quadrants, having benefic influences.
  • Moon placed in its own/exaltation sign and related to a malefic planet indicates speed recovery from disease.
  • Moon in a movable or common sign aspected by lord of ascendant or planet/s placed in it.
  • Moon in its own sign posited in 4th/10th house, indicates speed recovery from the illness.
  • Sun/Moon aspected by benefic and placed in ascendant/4th/7th house indicates quick recovery.
Combinations for delayed recovery:
  • If lord of ascendant is placed in an even sign and there is enmity between lords of ascendant and 10th house or between lords of 4th and 10th house, indicate delayed recovery from illness.
  • Lord of 6th related to 8th/12th house/lord indicates difficulty in recovery.
  • If planet/s in 12th house has no connection with 2nd and 10th house, but related with the 6th house alone, indicates prolong treatment in a hospital or confinement to bed in connection with treatment.
  • Moon or Venus placed in ascendant indicates delayed recovery.
  • Ascendant placed in 12th house indicates slow recovery from disease.
  • Lord of ascendant combined with Mars, represents very slow recovery from illness.
  • Lord of ascendant placed in 6th/8th house and lord of 8th placed in a quadrant, indicates lingering suffering from physical ailments.
Possibility of death from physical ailments:
  • Lord of ascendant is placed in 4th/6th/7th place from the lord of 7th house, indicates possibility of death from a chronicle disease.
  • Lords of ascendant is weaker than the lord of 8th house.
  • Lord of ascendant related with set/retrograde planet/s and placed in a quadrant, indicates possibility of death due to illness.
  • Lords of ascendant and 8th combined in a house.
  • Lords of ascendant and 8th placed in a quadrant and influenced by cruel planets, indicates liability of death due to illness.
  • Relation between lords of 6th, 8th and 12 houses indicates death in a nursing home, asylum, and sanatorium due to prolong illness.
  • If Jupiter related to 8th house and afflicted by evil planets, indicate death from blood poisoning, cancer, liver trouble or inflammation of lungs.
  • Saturn in 8th house indicates long life but denotes slow and lingering death, if it is not in its own sign.
  • Uranus connected with 8th house indicates death from incurable disease or the patient may die due to wrong diagnosis.
  • Neptune related to 8th house indicates death after being in the state of coma or unconsciousness due to an overdose of drugs or allergy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Selection of Job or Business in Astrology

Determining the nature of your profession or the sources of income is a very tough task for any astrologer. Selection of profession between job and business is very important decision of life. There are many astrological factors which need to be considered.Astrological readings can also suggest whether you can enjoy smooth success in your job or business ventures.
Ascendant: whatever is the field education, marriage or profession the strength of ascendant and its lord play very important role.
10th house/lord: 10th house and its lord from ascendant/Moon sign/Sun signs are pivots for determine the profession and business. Authority, power advancement and ambitions, business affairs in general, one's rank, social status and profession of a person, name, fame foreign land, sources of livelihood self respect and self control are indicated by 10th house.
3rd house/lord: indicates courage and initiative for professional life, risk and speculation taken in life. Sometimes it indicates over confidence of the native.
5th house/lord:represents knowledge, education, intuition and intelligence of a person. Besides high position it indicates risk and speculations taken in professional life.
6th house/lord: indicates loans from bank or financial institutes, funds rising and the employees working under the native.
7th house/lord:represents professional relationships and business partnerships, independent skilled professions.
9th house/lord: this is house of luck or fortune of the native; it also indicates distribution or circulation of money, dignity of a person, foreign travels, and government favors.
11th house/lord: this is house of gain and income in one's life.
Planetary transition: the nature of the profession also depends on the planetary period of major periods /sub period of a horoscope. The Dasha/Antradasha of the native forces him for change in profession in a very drastic and dramatic way. Through the strong and favorable Dasha/Antradasha, even a weak and ill placed planet can bless the native with success in profession and career.
Job/business influencing astrological factors:
  • If lord/sign or planets placed in 10th house are strong, indicates surety of service.
  • If number of fixed signs planets are more than number of planets in common or movable signs in a horoscope the native will chose the profession which demands patience, peace, tolerance and stability like Government jobs, medical profession or in achieves.
  • If the planets of common signs are more than the planets of fixed and movable signs in a horoscope the native will have different sources of income like as a teacher he can chose property dealing or as a profession he may own his own consultancy firms, tuition centers etc.
  • Lord/sign of 10th house are weaker in strength than the lord /sign of 7th house, profession of advocate, doctor, and professors are indicated.
  • If lords /signs of 10th and 7th houses are equally strong indicates the native will have individual business along with his own service. Like a doctor doing private practice along with his own service or the person will start his own business after retiring from the job.
  • If the lord of 10th house is strong but placed in 6th/8th/12th house or of medium strength the person will work in an autonomous institutes or private sector.
  • Sun/Mars/Saturn favorably influencing the 10th house, and lord of 10th house is in a strong position indicates profession of doctor.
  • Lords of 3rd/6th/10 and Jupiter are strong indicates profession of advocate.
  • Moon and Mercury influencing 10th house indicates writer or journalisms as profession.
  • Strong mercury and Jupiter influencing 10th house denotes writer or poets.
  • Moon and Jupiter aspecting 10th house indicates gazette officer rank job.
  • Moon placed in 10th and Jupiter posited in 5th house indicates very highly ranked position.
  • Lord of 11th placed in 10th house or their lords exchanges signs/houses indicates very good administrator.
  • Lord of ascendant and 10th placed together or lord of ascendant and 10th house is a same planet the person will work excellent work from his own hard earned money.
  • Jupiter as lord of 10th placed in trine indicates highly acclaimed position of the native.
  • Sun placed in 10th house from ascendant/Moon or lord of 10 is posited in the Navamansa of Sun indicates appreciation from government but if Sun is debilitated/ malefic/ill placed indicates unscrplous means of earning.
  • Lord of 10th is Mars or lord of 10th posited in the Navamansa of Mars indicates police, army, and wrestling as profession.
  • Mercury is the lord of 10th house or the lord of 10th goes in the Navamansa of Mercury indicates service in banking, writing, education, astrology art and crafting.
  • Mercury in ascendant and Jupiter in 9th house indicate government services.
  • Lord of ascendant placed in quadrant and aspected by lords of 2nd/5th indicates government job.
  • Sun having favorable aspects of Saturn indicates government job, manager authority and high authorities power of a person.
  • Lords/signs of 4th and 7th houses are weak but lord/sign of 7th house are very strong indicates sound business abilities of the native.
  • If numbers of planets in movable signs are more than the number of planets in fixed or common sign in a horoscope indicates the best qualities the native will have as a businessman like he will have initiative and capacity to make decisions, intelligent, alert and will possess the quality of leadership
  • If any or all planets like Mercury, Jupiter and Venus placed in quadrant to Moon indicates independent venture.
  • Mercury, Jupiter and Venus and Moon are placed in 2nd/12th from each other indicates independent or self ventures.
  • Jupiter is placed in 3rd house and Venus is placed in 11th house from Moon indicates the native will start his own business.
  • Lords of 2nd and 11th exchanges houses indicates very good business abilities.
  • Mercury related to 10th house indicates, business skills.Malefic influence over 10th house indicates laziness of the native.
  • All the planets placed in quadrant indicate money earned from agriculture.
  • If 7 planets posited in ascendant and 7th house, indicates business of transportation, wood, cartwheel etc.
  • If any malefic planet placed in quadrant having no benefic influences and Jupiter posited in 8th house indicates excellence of business in meat, poultry and fisheries.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Punaraphoo Yoga: Yoga for Delayed Marriage in Astrology

What is Punarabhoo Yoga?
Punaraphoo yoga is formed by any type of relation between Moon and Saturn.
The interacting relation existing between Saturn and Moon, may be of following types:
  • By aspect
  • By interchanging signs
  • By conjunction or association
  • Posited in each other's sign
Moon: reveals the desires of human mind. In any horoscope the planetary body which mainly governs human emotions is the Moon.
Saturn: is an emotionally depressing planet, having a wet blanket effect on the Moon. Saturn tends to be the restraining or disciplining influence in the relationship. This induces delays and denials of events in the life.
Why Punarabhoo yoga causes delay in marriage?
  • Any type of relation between Moon and Saturn creates emotional or financial restrictions. Career and responsibilities may cause conflict with family, domestic life and commitments. Due to melancholy nature of Saturn the native may be so wrapped in the career as to have no time for emotional needs of home, family and society.
  • The Moon tends to be too moody and Saturn makes a person insensitive, this combination induces coldness and estrangement in a committed relationship
  • The Saturn induces the feelings of inferiority, depression and sadness in the native.
  • Fear and mistrust are always present in the relationship, which destroys the commitment values in a relationship.
  • Due to emotional reticence, the native puts a lot of conditions in the commitment.
  • Due to difference of opinion and emotions there will be some obstacles or impediments not only during negotiation but also at the time of fixation and even at the time of celebration of the marriage.
  • The relation between Moon and Saturn causes delay and not denial, ultimately both of them do much good with a better partner.
  • Whenever there is a benefice aspect between the Moon and Saturn, there will be delay in the marriage.
  • Contradictory if there is a western malefic aspect between Moon and Saturn then there will be early marriage. Because a western malefic aspect [angle/square] creates a sense of loyalty, respect and durability in the relationship. This aspect works best in the situations requiring discipline and responsibility.
  • Whenever the Punarabhoo yoga is present in the chart there will be always disturbance during negotiation and fixation. Relation will come and break at least once or twice, and then only there is possibility of fixation of marriage.

Monday, April 7, 2014

HUNA For Love, Marriage and True Soul-mate

Love is the most creative power in the world. With love you can weave a spell about the hearts and minds of other and influence them to creative action. With HUNA meditation you may achieve fulfillment of your destiny in love and marriage.
It is natural for you to want to marry and settled down and rears a family. But in most cases they do not meditate on the attraction of their ideal soul-mate and they rush into a physical alliance. Then after a few months when the physical attraction wears off, they tire of each other and seek a divorce.
In HUNA when you attuned your Higher self by using specific ritual, you will have so magnetized your mind that you will automatically vibrate only to the qualities you have expressed in meditation. When you meet members of the opposite sex you will instantly be guided by your higher self to the person who radiates the qualities you have imprinted on your Higher self.
Your higher self will simply influence people and events by means of its universal contact with all other Higher selves. You should be ready and alert for these opportunities when they will feel instinctively guided into taking the right course of action that will fulfill your desire.

o Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position.
o Now aware of the fact that the air is full of universal life force electricity, which you will soon absorb as Pranic-Energy and which your Lower self is going to convert into a super charged incredible power, for use by the Higher self in materializing your goal.
o Now take five to six very slow and deep breaths.
o Focused on the fabulous surcharge of Prana that is building up within your Solar-Plexus.
o Now visualize a tremendous flow of silver white light surging up out of your Solar-Plexus through your body and out though your head.
o Now as this light shoots out of your head, see it widen into a circle at a width of about four or five feet
o You are now making contact with your Higher self.
o If the desired person is familiar to you, you can see within the circle of light your goal having already been attained. See him caring for you and being very much in love with you. Make the visualization of your love and togetherness as absolutely real, see him loving you. Now say with full command " I command, that the ...{name of person} now mine. He is totally and completely in love with me now. As I will it, He is mine. He is coming to me now. It is done."
o Now to attract your true soul-mate, you may command your Higher self " I now ask divine guidance to the finding of my true soul mate. I desire marriage with one person who possesses all the ideal qualities of divine emotion of love,compassion,understanding, tolerance and forgiveness"
o You must be absolutely clear and concise in, what it is that you want?
o Now feel totally and completely that your goal is already accomplished and that it is already on its way to you
o Now quietly thank your Higher self for accomplishing your will.

Geeta Jha