Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Physics and Metaphysics of God Particle or Brahmon

Brahm is a Sanskrit word and it means the Supreme Being or the Creator. The Brahmon is the term used for the finest substance or the ultimate building block of the creation. Brahmon is the absolute, both point and whole in itself and always remains in the state of perfect equilibrium and harmonious balance.


  • Everything and anything which is believed to be existent and non-existent in this creation is always in the state of continuous vibration in the space.
  • The organised knowledge of scientific rules is based on the vibrations of different kinds such as sound waves, radio waves, micro waves, infrared waves, visible waves, ultra violet-x ray-gamma rays, electromagnetic waves etc. These vibrations differ from each another by their essential nature and their respective wave-lengths.
  • Each kind of vibration exists as a continuous series of wave lengths within certain extremities and having different properties and energies.

Medium or space:

  • Waves are movement of rhythmic vibrations in a medium. These waves transmit their energy through a medium / space / plane, which is supposed to be elastic in nature.
  • There are several mediums or dimensions of planes filling the same space and inter-penetrating one another.
  • Each plane of existence has a unique from of integrated state of vibration through which the all possible lower dimensional vibrations are being derived by the process of differentiation.
  • Each plane of integrated vibration has a unique degree of elasticity and a characteristic frequency, energy and wavelength. The elasticity and subtlety of the basic substance of a plane increases with the further subdivision of plane.
  • More subtle is the medium, higher the vibrational energy / frequency of its particles.
  • The major division of nature consist of Matter [Atoms and Ether], Energy [Astral and Mental], Consciousness [Buddhic and Nirvanic] and the Super Consciousness [God particle or Brahmon] planes.

Different planes of  nature : 

Physical or Atomic plane: 

The atom is a basic unit of matter consisting of a dense, central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. Every physical atom is vibrating in the ionic plane of ether particles.

Ether plane:

When we break up the atoms we get a set of units which are all identical except that some are positives and some are negatives known as etheric units. Ether is a medium that was once supposed to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

Astral plane:

Subdivision of ether particles gives another finer and subtler unit of astral particles. Astral plane is the world of passions, emotions, and sensations. All feelings vibrate in this plane. Feelings have either higher or lower vibratory frequency. This plane changes continuously with the positive or negative emotions of the person.

Mental plane:

When astral particles are divided we find even more subtle and finer particles which are still material in nature hence have a characteristic set of vibrational energy, frequency and wavelength. Thought waves vibrate and travel in the mental plane. This plane changes with the thoughts.

Buddhic plane:

The thought particles are again sub-divided in Buddhic particles. At this plane Human psyche, will and intuitions vibrate at very high frequencies and energies.

Nirvanic plane:

When we sub-divide Buddhic particles we get series of even more subtle particle known as Nirvanic plane. The Nirvanic plane particles are ripples of spiritual waves having tremendous higher frequencies and extreme vibrational energies. We can perceive the existence of Nirvanic plane through mediation, devotion, knowledge or by using different transformation techniques.

God particle or Brahmon plane:

The sub-division of Nirvanic plane is the ultimate division which gives us the God plane or the plane consisting of Brahmon particles. Brahmon is the ultimate or last division of any matter, energy and consciousness. The Brahmon particles have infinite vibrational energies and frequencies.

Brahmon particles are the ultimate building blocks of entire manifest and unmanifest universe. They are self-determined, integrated and free. They can thus produce out of them an infinite amount of consciousness, energy and matter.

Any physical law, limitation and phenomena do not apply on Brahmon.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mantra Chanting With Psychic Symbols May Connect You to the Entities, Reptilians and Aliens

What is a mantra or a spell?
Mantra is a sequence of mystic worlds having concentrated thoughts and a very divine potency. Utterance of a mantra can creates the cosmic sound vibrations which enable the seeker to attain the state of super consciousness or self realization.
Each mantra creates a stream of specific vibration in the cosmos when chanted in a repeated, rhythmic and continuous manner. It creates purity, divinity, spirituality and desired effects in the mind and the life of the seeker.
Nature of the mantra
The mantra is a force like gravitational, electrical and magnetism. Every word of the mantra has a specific weight, shape, size, form, power, colour and quality.
The rhythmic utterance of a mantra can creates a specific pattern of waves in the universe which have definite frequency, vibration and energy. The sound vibrations produced during mantra chanting are mechanical waves which always requires a medium [like solid liquid and gas] for their transmission.
Presiding deity of the mantra
Each mantra has a presiding deity to whom it was revealed and attains divine self realization by meditating on it.
The specific deity bestows the powers, fulfilments and self realization to the seeker. When we meditate on a particular deity our heart becomes illuminated with his grace, divinity, love and light, and we attain super consciousness state.
Medium needed for travelling a mantra
The gross or the physical part of the mantra such as the sound vibrations appears to travel in the medium like solid, liquid and gas. But the subtle energy of the mantra travels in the Manas or Mind-Substance filling all space like ether and it serves as a vehicle for the mantra.
Need for modulation of mantra waves
Sound wave vibrations produced by mantra chanting have transmission energy losses in the medium because of our limited range of vocal cord capability and the friction offered by the medium particles.
Hence the divine vibrations of the particular mantra might not reach to its final destination of the desired deity due to severe energy losses in the medium.
Hence modulation of the mantra waves is required.

Modulation is the process of facilitating the transfer of information over a medium by mixing low frequency wave [information signal] to a much higher frequency wave [carrier wave].
Like in a radio transmission the basic audio sound waves are added to the radio wave of having much higher frequency known as the carrier wave to produce a new signal of higher potency which can be successfully sent in the medium to the desired destination. In the final receiving destination the desired signals are decoded to achieve the original copy of the sound wave.
What are the psychic -symbols?
Psychic- symbols are the symbolic or pictographic condensed thought patterns or forms which can anchor your consciousness. In mantra chanting loss of awareness and sleep are the biggest obstacles which reduce its potency.
Chanting a mantra while concentrating on three types of psychic- symbols like subtle, medium and gross, the seeker can easily concentrate his vague awareness.
Reiki symbols, Cross, AUM sign, the Pentacle, fire, mystic images etc are used as the psychic- symbols.
Need for psychic- symbols
Mantra chanting can activates your conscious mind but your unconscious mind remains wavering to all irrelevant topics, visions and thoughts.
As soon as you visualise a psychic- symbol in the third eye chakra or in your subconscious plane, instantaneously your unconscious mind reaches to a very high degree of concentration, releasing an extremely high frequency of thought wave vibrations which can effectively travel to any corner of the universe.
Medium needed for psychic symbols to travel
The pictographic thought patterns or forms used as a psychic-symbol are of extremely high frequency hence needed even finer medium for their transmission.
Like electromagnetic waves travels in ether medium the psychic- Symbols or the condensed symbolic mental images travels in the Astral -Substance.Which is made up of super fine particle of consciousness filling the entire universe.
When a psychic- symbol crosses the Manas- Substance it gives rise to a tremendous high frequency vibrations and travels in the direction of desired deity of that particular mantra.
Psychic- symbols as carrier waves
The frequency and the energy of the thought waves are much higher than the sound waves.
Hence to minimise the transmission energy losses which occurs during mantra chanting, the psychic -symbols of extremely high frequency and energy are used as a vehicle to carry the mantra to its destination.
Continuously chanting mantra from your conscious mind and simultaneously drawing psychic -symbols in you third eye chakra in your subconscious mind plane, and chanting internally the name of the psychic symbols can produce a series of extremely high frequency vibrations which can cross any barrier or disturbance present in the universe.
For e.g. from your conscious mind you may utter any famous spell or a mantra like Gayatri mantra, Christ spell, angels or archangels spells etc, and simultaneously drawing reiki symbols in your third eye chakra and chanting internally or subconsciously their names [ name of reiki symbols].
Consciously uttering or whispering a mantra from your mouth and subconsciously drawing reiki symbols and uttering their names inside can powerfully connect you to the extreme high vibrational entities present in the outer world.
Outer world entities
They are psycho-subtle extraterrestrial creatures having extremely high frequency vibrations. They are present in the outer world orbit like entities, aliens, reptilians, angels and archangels etc.
According to Indian mythology the devatas, pitras, gandharvas, kinnar, naagas, Kumar's are the some outer world entities.
The outer -world entities can manipulate your world by possessing "human" bodies, and they can operate in the frequencies of the fourth density. These are referred to as "hidden spaces and planes unknown to man". These entities exist only just outside the frequency range of our physical senses.
False or pseudo destination of a mantra
Instead of reaching to a specific deity, the vehicle of psychic symbol carrying the mantra can be easily interrupted by an outer-world entity. These entities can easily manipulate our mind, psyche and thoughts.
They can projects themselves as a pseudo deity in our dreams or visions, to obstruct our spiritual progress.
They may gain spiritual powers of the mantras earned by the seeker.
Spiritual disaster or pseudo enlightenment of the seeker
The seeker can be easily manipulated by the outer world entities to increase their power and control on this world.
They can easily manipulate the dreams, thoughts and emotions of the seeker and misguide him on the real path of spirituality.
Repeated dreams of perverted sexuality, rape, fear, hate, anger and enmity are the sure symptoms of interference from the outer -world entities.
The seeker may fall in the false or pseudo perception of elevated consciousness, enlightenment and blessings of the desired deity's grace.
But in the long term the outer world entities may induce a state of delusion, distress, guilt and psychosis in the seeker.
The seeker will become bankrupt of all his spiritual earnings.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cosmic Abortions - Why Visualization or Positive Thinking or Law of Attraction Generally Fails?

Visualization, positive thinking and law of attraction are the powerful mind-techniques used over centuries for living out your dreams, and changing your life.

Visualization is thoughts in pictures forms. It is the practice of picturing your goals in order to attain them. This technique uses your mind and imagination to build mental images and guide positive intention to achieve your objective.

People, who are efficient in attracting positives, trained their minds to focus on their desires. Abundance comes to them naturally. This is the famous law of attraction. Like attracts like.

Many people fuelled with zest after reading many books on positive thinking, visualization and law of attraction and start pumping themselves up with positive thinking and visualizing them rich, healthy and successful. But yet nothing seems to happen.
Sometimes they end up as failures, disillusioned and cynical. Despite of following the entire author's or mentors instructions correctly, doing all the visualizing and thinking positively, which were necessary, and yet they got no results.

Cosmic abortion:                                

Human consciousness is not a closed vessel, but like the body, it has a continual intake and output. The cosmic forces are circulating through it all the time, like sea-water through a living sponge.

The subjective self only has kindling, the cosmos supplies fuel. Once the fire is started the cosmic forces of appropriate type will stroke it. When the thought form which you have conceived in cosmic plane[womb] as visualization/positive thinking, do not transformed into reality but get distorted and achieve self destruction is known as cosmic abortion.

This is the process by which the occult technique of empowerment fails or ends with the removal or expulsion of the seed thought from the cosmic womb.

Causes for the failures:

·         You do not know exactly what you want at all the times in your life?

·         You do not know the right technique or the right implementation of the technique.

·         There will be no uninterrupted flow of pranic - energy between your conscious and subconscious minds.

·         There might be buried emotional complexes, and the person refuses to believe that such a thing exists.

·         Karmic destiny: when you are saved from the most foolish fates of your own immature imagination/visualization because of your Karmic destiny.

·         You always ask for idiotic things, and simply insult your subconscious mind by repeating stupid and unrealistic goals.

· One cannot expect perfect health despite of having dirty, unhealthy habits, lead irregular hours, eat junk food etc. In the same way one person having sloth [lazy] attitude, cannot not expects miracles in few days. Any type of occult practice will not work here.
·         Your goal clashes with the interest of the other person/s or society.

·         If you are already a victim of negative thought patterns like inception, black magic and psychic attacks the powerful techniques of empowerment might not work for you.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

POWER PRANAYAMA: A Revolutionary Unified Remedy for Cosmic Abortions - Why Visualization or Positive Thinking or Law of Attraction Generally Fails?

Woman is different from man as regards sex and temperament. Moreover, nature has given her an additional responsibility of becoming a mother.
She has to pay special attention not only to maintain good heath but also to remain peaceful and happy.
Some of the women problems are:
  • Anaemia
  • Obesity
  • Falling and greying of hair
  • Pimples and boils
  • Irregularity in menses
  • Endometriosis
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Menopause
  • Backache
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Infertility
  • Uterus fibroids, ovarian cysts, blocked fallopian tubes
  • Recurrent abortions
  • Tumour in breasts
POWER-PRANAYAMA is a very effective and intensive breathing exercise which not only prevents diseases, but also cures them without drugs and any side effects. If it is practised for 45 to 90 days in morning with empty stomach women's all physical and psychological diseases are cured miraculously with 90% results.
Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position.
Close your eyes and relax your whole body.
Stage one
Take 4 very slow and deep breaths from both nostrils.
Stage two
  • Close your right nostril [R.N] with the thumb of right hand
  • Inhale slowly through left nostril [L.N.]
  • Close [L.N.]with the middle and ring finger of right hand
  • Exhale slowly through [R.N.]
  • Inhale very slowly through [R.N.]
  • Close your [R.N] with the thumb of right hand
  • Exhale slowly through left nostril [L.N.]
Repeat the above breathing exercise for 5 minutes or 10 cycles per session in this manner
Close [R.N.] ---inhale from [L.N.] ---close [L.N.] --- exhale from [R.N.] ---inhale from [R.N.] --- close [R.N.] ---exhale from [L.N.].
Stage three
  • Close the left nostril with the thumb of left hand.
  • Now exhale air rapidly by right nostril by quick strokes, like 50 exhales in a minute. In this process only the stomach muscles should contract per stroke. Contraction of abdominal muscles helps to evacuate the lungs by raising the diaphragm.
  • Now take a very slow and deep breath from the [R.N.]
  • Closed the [R.N.] right nostril by the thumb of right hand.
  • Immediately exhale the air from the [L.N.].very slowly.
  • Now rapidly exhale air from your [L.N.].50 exhales per minute.
  • Take a slow and a deep breath from your [L.N.]
  • Closed the [L.N.] by thumb of left hand.
  • Immediately exhale very slowly from your [R.N.]
closed the [L.N.]---50 rapids exhales from the [R.N.]---one deep inhale from the [R.N.]---closed the [R.N.]---slowly exhale from the [L.N.]---rapid 50 exhales from the [L.N.]---take one deep and slow breath through the [L.N.]---closed the [L.N.]---exhale air from your [R.N.]
Stage four
Now take 4 very slow and deep breaths from both nostrils.
  • Gradually increase the time for POWER-PRANYAMA from 5 minutes to 35 minutes
  • For chronic diseases practice the POWER-PRANAYMA twice a day in the morning and in evening
  • If pain or dizziness is experienced immediately stop the practice till the sensation has passed
  • Quick exhalations should not be very forceful.
  • POWER- PRANAYAMA should not practice by those
  1. Suffering from heart disease
  2. In high blood pressure
  3. Having hernia
  4. During pregnancy
  5. Having stomach ulcer

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is Kundalini Yoga Related to Sexual Scandals and Disasters?

Kundalini or the cosmic energy is your life force energy, which keeps your body alive, and can be pictured as a coiled snake living at the base of the spine.Kundalini ' literally means, 'coiled one'.
Kundalini is the primordial universal poweror cosmic energy lies coiled in the Mooladhar chakra (Base or Root Chakra) corresponding to the base of spine, in our body.

Kundalini yoga is a spiritual and a mystical science which teaches the secret Practices and techniques of arousing the Kundalini energy by causing energy to travel up through the spine, by stimulating six chakras in its path (which are the emotional- psychic centres) to reach the Crown chakra, where the individual's self merges in the universal self and he attains the state of Self-realisation.

When the Kundalini awakens, tremendous power is unleashed. The resulting expansion of consciousness affects every element of our being like our physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, psychic, and spiritual spectrum.

The awakening of Kundalini may be a dramatic experience, the process of Kundalini awakening can vary greatly from person to person. Some have intense physical symptoms, while others experience mainly emotional or psychological symptoms.
Negative thoughts and desire to express negative emotions are the part of the energy rising and cleansing process.

Psychic experiences, extrasensory perception, out-of-body experiences, past life memories, astral travel, contact with spirit guides and invisible entities, dreams or visions are some mental, emotional and psychic symptoms of kundalini rising.
Each chakra has certain negative blocks and basic animal instincts. When kundalini power begins to raise, the negative energy blocks and patterns of that chakra slowly starts to get dissolve and cleansed in the divine cosmic energy.

In this cleansing process if the disciple does not have proper guidance and knowledge of body, mind and soul he may face severe traumatic physical and mental disasters. The worst traumatic results of Kundalini yoga are the manifestation of sexual desires and scandals in a perverted ways.
Some of the derogative sexual behaviours and patterns seen in the disciples of this path are:

Sexual scandals
An advanced kundalini yogi or master is a powerful and a potent charismatic individual who has the ability to influence the minds of others. A number of disciples of Kundalini yoga have experienced a worsening of symptoms as a direct result of energy manipulations performed by master and mentors of this field.
Some powerful masters and strong disciples of Kundalini yoga can easily project themselves in the astral plane. They can sexually abuse the other disciples of same or opposite sex in their dreams by using their etheric double body.

They can also manipulate minds, thoughts and psyche of others to gain sexual favours from the disciples.
In India many disciples of Kundalini yoga have complained of their masters and mentors for having repeated sex and rape in the astral form in their dreams and taking sexual advantages in physical forms by manipulating their minds, emotions and psyche.

Accentuated sexual drive
Kundalini yoga temporarily accentuates the sex drive. The Root chakra is the seat of animal instincts. It controls the unconscious mind. When awakening begins to take place, the unconscious mind materials begin to surface on the conscious mind.
The sudden bust of unconscious mind accentuates the suppressed sexual experiences, thoughts and activities of past and present life in a very traumatic way.

The animal instinct of sexuality increases many folds, the disciple may be lost in the physical and mental of world of deformed and perverted sexuality.
With the awakening of second chakra the Naval chakra the craving for sensuous pleasure increases several folds.

Sexual dreams
With the rise of kundalini power, in the process of purification and cleansing the suppressed sexual patterns, memories and emotions stored in unconscious mind are manifested and released in dreams.

The disciple may feel the abnormal and unnatural sexual pleasures and activities in his dreams which are stored in the memory of unconsciousness by the experiences and desires of past and present lives.

Astral rape and sex by invisible entities:

The Kundalini power may gives us our first or most unmistakable contact with the invisible world .The living energy makes their vibrant presence in our body and our psyche. They are fierce, powerful, mysterious and enticing.
The disciple may feel extreme emotion of repeated sex and rape by psycho-spiritual subtle bodies of this and outer world entities.
The subtle entities satisfy their sexual urges and gain spiritual power of kundalini energy earned by the disciple.

These types of sexual encounters in dreams or in trance state may induce distress, mental illness and psychosis in the disciple.

Automatic induced orgasms:
Sometime in the process of union of the Yin and Yan, the disciple may feel automatic induced multiple spiritual orgasms like sensation in the whole body or its parts.

Automatic induced spiritual orgasm tries to reproduce the cosmic union of Shiva and Shakti, i.e. of Consciousness and Energy without the physical presence of the other partner.