Sunday, April 28, 2013

Astrology of Hair problems- yours faded Crowning Glory

Hair is the one's ultimate accessory; it can sufficiently affect your overall look. Keeping it in healthy condition is the most important thing you can do to look and feel fabulous.

General hair- problems:

Dandruff, greying of hair, loosing hair, brittle hair and slow growth of hair are some of the common hair problems that people complain about. Most of these problems are arises because of aging, genetic makeup, unhygienic lifestyle, chronicle or severe illness and environmental factors.

Factors responsible for hair problems:

Sign Aries/1st house: indicates blood circulation in head, hair texture.
Moon: indicates emotional bursts of stress/trauma/abused/shock
Sun and sign Leo: indicates hair
Saturn: planet of ageing, hair loss
Mercury: hair loss due to stress or thyroid dysfunctional
Mars: indicated adrenal gland, high fever, infection, and eruptive diseases.
Venus: rules veins
Jupiter: rules arteries

Different types of hair problems:

Hair loss:

  • The native having ascendant as Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius have tendency of hair loss.
  • Mercury is retrograde or in sign Taurus and Scorpio indicates hair loss due to thyroid problem.
  • Mercury and Mars are related indicates hair loss due to malfunctioning of adrenal glands.
  • Moon is retrograde /set/severely afflicted/in inimical house indicates hair loss due to sudden and unexpected emotional problems.
  • Sun in Aries indicated hair loss due to severe fever or excess of body heat.
  • Ketu in 2nd house indicates hair loss due to undignostic disease.
  • Rahu, Saturn, Sun and Jupiter present in ascendant indicate hair loss
  • Moon and Venus is present in ascendant indicates hair loss


  • Severe malefic affliction to the Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, the native's head becomes bald.
  • When Taurus / Sagittarius ascendant is aspected by Jupiter the native becomes bald-headed.
  • When a functional malefic is placed in a natural malefic house and that house becoming ascendant, the native would become bald-headed.
  • Weak Mars in a horoscope represents weak hair structure resulting in baldness.
  • When Mars aspects any one of the following ascendant Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, the native would become bald – head.

Premature greying:

  • Saturn/Rahu aspect/posited in the ascendant indicates premature greying of hair.
  • Afflicted Moon and Venus in horoscope enhance premature greying.
  • Moon and Rahu posited in ascendant causes hair problems due to dandruff.

Infection and disorders causing itching and scaling:
  • Saturn, Mars and Rahu in ascendant cause hair problems due to bacterial and viral infections.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Pitfalls, Obstacles and Dangers Of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is our inner consciousness which usually remains dormant in an individual. Through different practices the inner consciousness slowly become awakened and travels upward, tracing the path of Sushumna from the Mooladhar [root chakra ] to the next five centre of consciousness and finally arriving at the highest and purest centre of consciousness at Sahastrara [ crown chakra].

Awakening of kundalini is a very pleasant, spiritual and important experience in the life of the aspirant. There is however, a danger for the aspirant if awakening of the kundalini is little untimely or sudden by premature or improper practices, by using artificial means, awakened without proper preparation and using short cuts etc.

In this case the Kundalini instead of travelling upward falls back invariably or faces severely obstructive chakra may cause many physical, mental and spiritual disasters which are violent, dangerous and unwanted. Kundalini yoga is a cleansing device like broom, the kriya associated with it clears the three bodies physical, astral and casual the physical body has diseases and other subtle bodies have past life karma and Sanskar that need purification.


  • When kundalini is awakened and active, the prana energy descends and apana energy ascends upward, they strike in naval reason as a result excess of heat is generated in the body, this extras heat purified the nadis and clears the path of kundalini. If this heat is not regulated or controlled it may cause inflammation, pressure, stress and sickness.
  • The chakras which are not yet open have some negative blocks and patterns, when kundalini works on them to clear the obstruction a temporary energy pressure builds up in that area causing uneasiness, pressure, pain and stress in that areas of body correlated by that obstructive chakra.
  • Some aspirants are very hasty and impatient in nature they want instant and overnight kundalini awakening hence they sometimes neglect the necessary prerequisites. Some people developed weakness of lower limbs, digestive disorders, loose motions, increased body mucus, burning sensations which are common signs of natural cleansing process activated by raising kundalini.
  • Due to excessive secretion of Adrenaline in body sensation of inflammation is felt. Lungs, kidney, eyes, ears and skin may also exude an increased amount of poison and waste products.
  • If the kundalini is awakened without strengthening the nervous system, mental debility, insanity breakdown of immune system, sluggish nervous system may lead to many physical problems.
  • Some seekers experience the sates of physical contortions, horripilation, and suspension of breath during practices.
  • By practicing kundalini yoga the toxins in the body responsible for different ailments are slowly realised until the point where they have one final stronghold in the body known as physical chemicalisation or the last toxins/vestiges of a problem or disease hardest to remove, this may produce severe and intense symptoms of illness in the seekers.


  • The problems which may occur happened in past may reappear at the conscious level and ready to get resolved/ neutralize by the kundalini, may produce some undesirable circumstances.
  • Sudden awakening of kundalini can make you disoriented and you will not be able to cope with the radical changes in perception and unfolding of unconscious mind.
  • In the process of spiritual awakening many blockages and impurities in the body create various neurological, psychological and psychiatric symptoms in the aspirant.
  • Depressed and fluctuating moods, excessive anxiety and hazy thinking, and irritable temperament are results of awakening of subconscious mind.
  • Sometimes the mind can and does play tricks on the aspirant and projects some imaginary experiences which have zero spiritual values. But the aspirant's self-delusion, wrong thinking, exaggeration and fabrication can make these fake experiences as spiritual massages and advancement.
  • An impure mind when concentrated can prove to be veritable devil and impossible to control. Nervous exhaustion and mental breakdown are common symptoms of improper awakening of kundalini.
  • Sometimes the seeker is addicted to bliss obsession and uses kundalini practices as narcotic anaesthesia to avoid reality of world and may lost into diffuse mental state of fantasy, trance, myths, symbols, dreams, visions and connections and become directionless, confused, day dreamer, hazy and castle builder.
  • If the mind of the aspirant is weak he can suffers from various nervous disorders or repressed states of mind and often uses hallucinations and dreams to gain self-satisfaction. The seeker may consider these dreams as spiritual experiences guidance or visions.
  • Appearance of characteristic dreams concerning entities, past life relatives, dead persons and specific places are very common to a kundalini yogi. The sense of weight upon chest while sleeping with unbearable pain in solar plexus indicates improper kundalini activation.


  • In kundalini yoga the seeker of predominantly emotional temperament is easily influenced by upsurge of spiritual emotions of laughing, crying, screaming, horripilation, momentary trance and partial ecstasy and consider them as spiritual progress, but the fact is these types of spiritual emotions are occasional, and temporary and do not transform the character of the person.
  • Sometimes the personal tragedy, disappointment, depression and negative programming of mind can trigger temporary spiritual emotions and even psychic visions to the seeker which do not show any spiritual advancement. Like tears of remorse, fear, hope, can be considered as tears of devotion and self-realization.
  • An aspirant coming into the contact with a great spiritual personality may feel specific kriya or experiences and mistakenly take them as his owns spiritual advancement. These kind of emotional experiences are borrowed and temporary which loses their intensity with distance.


  • There is always danger of psychic/astral attacks and sexual scandals when the guru or mentor of kundalini yoga is not self enlighten or proper.
  • Some aspirant attains psychic powers and siddhis in kundalini yoga and considers themselves as spiritually enlighten and think that they have achieved the God status. Telepathy, hypnotism, healing, clairvoyance etc are some psychic attainments which come naturally to the seekers of kundalini yoga, but they misuse them for desire of power, name, fame, heavenly rewards and ego-satisfaction. These Para- psychological attainments are momentary and prove to be great obstacle in the path of kundalini yoga.
  • Sometimes the seeker is attacked by forth dimension entities in dreams and astral plane. The seeker can frequently experience repeated sex, rape, horror, hate and animosity in dreams or in trance state. These entities can manipulate the idea, emotions dreams and thoughts of seeker for their personal benefits.

Success in kundalini yoga is not measured by dreams experiences, emotional excitement, psychic attainments or temporary spurious thrills, but it is measured in the terms of transformation of character and consciousness.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Reverse the Cosmic Time Clock with Huna Rejuvenation and Transmutation Ritual

  • Huna is a Hawaiian miracle working technique if you have faith in it, it will definitely give you health, youth and long life.
  • HUNA is a system of mind, body, spirit integration and healing. In HUNA psychology there are three selves in one man. The three selves of HUNA are the lower self, the middle self and the higher self. They are so called because of their psychical locations in the physical body. The lower-self is located in solar plexus or the rib cage, the middle-self is located in the head and the higher-self is situated at about five feet above the head
  • Kahuna believes that all heath problems arise due to disharmony of men with his three selves.
  • They believe that any conflict within human psyche will manifest its self in his physical body in due time.
  • A disturbance in mind soon manifests its self in the body.
  • Total health and rejuvenation came only with the harmony of purpose between the three selves.
  • Our Higher self releases very mysterious brain waves that affects the body chemistry and keep us healthy and younger.
  • When we attuned to our higher self, the cells of the brain and body align themselves with the vast reservoir of power and maintain their natural state of health.
  • All diseases are induced in the body by the induced negative thought and emotion patterns. Through the system of three selves of Huna, the higher self causes the mind and body to relax and sent mysterious forces to the heart, nerves and muscles which heals most forms of mental and physical illness and prevents the erosion of age and premature death by actually retarding the death of cells in the brain and body.


  • Rejuvenation is phenomenon of restoration of vitality and freshness. It reverses the process of aging and resorting to more youthful conditions.
  • The Huna ritual actually repairs and reverse the accumulating damage of the aging process and restored to us the more healthy and youthful conditions.

  • Transmutation is the art of changing the nature of one substance so drastically by altering its quality and properties that it becomes a new substance.
  • The Huna ritual raise the vibration of your higher self and transmute the ordinary conditioned physical and mental structure into timelessness or sphere of springtime in which eternally alive within our heart and soul.

Huna ritual for rejuvenation and transmutation:

  • Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, with crossed legs and closed eyes.
  • Visualize your higher self as a self ignited and illuminated sun scattering and radiating thousands volts of silver white spiritual electricity, located about five feet above your head.
  • Now visualize a beautiful pure stream of water, symbolical of spiritual energy and light pouring down from your higher self flowing down into your head, through your body and exiting from your feet. Visualize this purifying stream washing away, all impurities and germs that are in your body. See all the wrinkles, pain, diseases, hormonal imbalances, debility and old age symptoms have been washed away. All the body germs, impurities and negative thoughts being washed out as the unclean and dirty- muddy- black water, flowing out through your feet, out of your body, out of your house, into the drainage system. Along with physical impurity, all karmic debts, blockages, negative thoughts and feelings are also being washed out. Bath in this spiritual stream, unless you watch a very clear, cool, beautiful and vital steam of water exiting out from your feet, completely replenishing and purifying you.
  • Now take five to six deep breaths in order to build the Prana, necessary to be offered to your higher self.
  • Now visualize the accumulated Prana as a very high voltage silver white electrical ball in your Solar-Plexus [rib cage].
  • Offer this Prana to your higher self, see the Prana surging up from your Solar-Plexus [like an erupting volcano] and out through your head. See it forming a huge circle of light, above your head.
  • Within this circle of pure light now see yourself as getting younger and setting the cosmic age clock at 16, 25, and 30 whatever you want. With the elevated level of youth and vitality visualize yourself doing all thing your desire such as swimming, dancing, playing golf or cricket
  • A tremendous highly charged transmutation has taken place in your body because of this extremely potent technique.
  • Now say firmly and positively- '' with the power of my higher self I release the chemistry of youth within my body. I now command my higher self to set my cosmic age at 25 with superabundance of vitality and vigour. I am now totally healed, cleansed and purified, from this moment I will always remain healthy, I ask for regeneration of only healthy cells within my body which will restore my physical energy and health, I know and believe that my higher self will heal and balance me on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and with the power of my higher self I declare myself young and healthy.''
  • Thanks your higher self with a real feeling of gratitude and joy.
Repeat this mystical ritual, at least once every day until all debility and old age symptoms have permanently disappeared.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Astro-Analysing an Abusive and a Violent Husband

A pattern of abusive and violent behaviours by one or both partners in an intimate relationship like marriage, when one person tries to dominate and control the other person is known as domestic abuse or violence.

In astrology it is possible to predict the likelihood of the person you are currently or are about to become involved with, being abusive and violent in nature.

Behaviours and traits of an abusive and violent husband:
  • Physical aggression [hitting, biting, slapping, kicking etc]
  • Verbal abuse
  • Negative attitude toward women
  • Jealousy
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Blame-shifting for Problems
  • Financial deprivation of the wife.
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Cruelty towards Children
  • Sexual Violence or marital rape

Factors responsible for violent and abusive husband:

  • Ascendant: Body, mind and habit of the native
  • 6th house: Enemies, litigation, wounds, ill-fame, ill-luck, dishonour, anxiety
  • 7th house: Social status, sex-relations, life partner,
  • 8th house: Litigation, sex-relations, anxiety and cause of death, sex organs
  • 12th house: sub-conscious fears or guilt, resentments or hates, past-life karma, potentially damaging secrets, secret enemies or saboteurs, secret plots, secret motives, suppressed knowledge,
  • Moon: inferiority complexes, complex interpersonal weaknesses, emotional instabilities, emotional frustration and blockages
  • Jupiter: significator of husband
  • Venus: sexual pleasure, material comforts, incestuous, an adulterer, scandalous, loose people, a mean lazy companion,
  • Mars: brutally violent, aggressive, murder, violence, riots, fires, rules one's sexuality, sexual energy, accidents and surgeries, assertive and daring by nature.
  • Saturn: obstruction, dejection, extreme discipline, problematic nature, lack of tact and sensitivity, lack of consideration, excessive self-interest
  • Rahu: nasty and fluctuating temper, harsh speech, falsehood, sin, mental illness, problems from spouse,
  • Ketu: uncontrollable nature, devious, malefic, awful

Different combination for an abusive and a violent husband:

  • Mars, in astrology is responsible for jealousy, anger, lust and aggression and violence. Mars just has lots of destructive power. Mars is responsible for violent behaviour in an individual.
  • Mars posited in 1st/2nd/4th/7th/12th house, produces the Mangal- Dosha which is some way or the other concerned with marital disputes and domestic violence
  • Mars aspecting 7th house/lord, indicates an aggressive and violent partner.
  • Mars-Saturn-Rahu combination confers hostile and violent traits.
  • Mars posited in 7th house and aspected/associated by Saturn, the lower animal nature of the husband is obvious, resulting in anger, vindictiveness, stubbornness, resentment and an unforgiving nature, there can be sorrow and dejection by the husband.

7th house/sign Libra:

  • 7th house/lord is in Aries sign/Scorpio sign /aspected or associated by Mars, indicate violent and aggressive nature of the spouse.
  • Placement of fiery/separative nature planets, like Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu/Ketu in 7th house indicates the violent nature of the spouse.
  • Scorpion in 7th house associated with nodes.
  • Venus and Rahu placed in 7th
  • 6/8 placement of lords of ascendant and 7th house.
  • Lord of ascendant /7th associated with nodes/functional malefic
  • Aspect of at least two retrograde planets on 7th house indicates violent nature of the spouse.
  • Association/aspect of Saturn on the 7th house, conflicts may happen in married life which can be violent in nature. Major conflicts in marital life is indicated during Saturn transit
  • Ketu on the 7th house, there might be unhappiness in married life and the spouse may have extra marital affairs.
  • Saturn and Rahu, Sun and Mars, Mars and Rahu combine in 7th house indicates domestic violence.

8th house/sign Scorpio:

  • Scorpio/8th house have warlike qualities and is more about domestic violence and family disputes. It informs us about the chances of divorce and break up in the marital life of the native.
  • 8th house reveals the height of hindrance the natives could face in her married life and in partnerships.
  • 8th house/lords represent genital organs, when afflicted, resulting in sexual incompetence, further enhances the violent nature of the partner.

12th house:

  • Afflictions to the 12th house may cause an immoral sexual life, resulting in domestic violence.
  • Mars and Saturn in 12th house create problems in attitude and co-operation is to be expected.
  • Mars in 12th house increases the desire for sex but reduces the satisfaction level, resulting in extra marital affairs causing domestic problems.


  • Afflicted or weak Jupiter shows selfish nature of married partner.
  • Moon is in disharmonious aspect with Jupiter indicates dissatisfaction in married life.
  • Jupiter afflicted by Mars-Saturn-Rahu indicates shrewd intelligence, ignorance, over-indulgence and conceit of the husband.


  • 6/8 placement of Venus and Moon indicates disputes in married life.
  • Rahu conjunct Venus gives an erratic, uncontrollable spouse.
  • Afflicted Venus and Mercury in 7th, makes the partner inclined towards secret pleasures, resulting in his abusive nature.
  • Venus is conjunct by Mars, indicates problems in marital life including violence involving the spouse.
  • If 7th lord is aspected by Venus occupying a sign of Mars, indicates the animal-sexual instincts of the husband.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cosmic Facial with the Absorption of Sun Photons

Sun is our parent star

  • Sun gives us light, heat and other radiations which we can neither feel nor see.
  • Cosmic radiation of the sun is one of the most powerful forms of energy known to exist in the universe.
  • The green plants have the ability of photosynthesis, in which they arrest the sun rays, combine it with inorganic substance and give food to living entities.
  • Just as photosynthesis occurs in plants, a bioluminescence occurs in our bodies through the conscious and forced absorption of sun light, in which we inhale and exhale the salubrious subtle rays of sun photons through the third eye [pineal gland], medulla oblongata and brain cells thereby rejuvenating ourselves.
  • With conscious breathing we can absorb the sun rays, and can arrest the sun light photon in our body.
  • Pineal gland, brain and retina have photoreceptor cells. So they are excellent receptor of sun rays and receive subtle seven colour solar energy which can cure all kind of mental and physical diseases and give us a lustrous, divine and glowing face and body.
Procedure of solar photon absorption

  • This technique is prescribed for one month for cosmic facial. But if you want to dissolve your mental, physical and psychological problems/ailments you have to continue this ritual for 3 consecutive months.
  • Choose the time of sun rise for this ritual because at this time the UV (ultra violet) radiations are the least.
  • Stand erect on bare ground with bare foot or if you are standing on a cemented floor, tiles etc place a cotton cloth beneath your bare feet.

  • Try to gaze the sun for few minutes. Do not gaze continuously at sun, if you blink it is perfectly alright.
  • While gazing take very slow breaths, inhale and exhale very slowly and deeply.
  • With each deep inhalation, visualize that you are absorbing the cosmic photon particle, radiating from the almighty sun and you are being charged with more and more cosmic photons particles.
  • While gazing the sun, try to increase the number of inhalation starting from 10 to maximum 30, over the span of one month's time.
  • After sun gazing does not take any liquid or solid food for next 45 minutes. Because the sun light absorption temporary increases the body heat, metabolism and blood circulation.
  • After one month's time your face will shine like a diamond, your all facial flaws will exit within one month. Your facial skin will glow like bioluminescence it will radiate the divine light, which no cosmetic facial can give ever.


Friday, April 5, 2013

What In Ravana's Horoscope Made Him A Ravana - The Epitome Of Intriguing Personality?

Ravana is the primary antagonist character of the Hindu legend, the Ramayana, who is the king of Lanka. In the classic text, he is mainly depicted negatively. This depiction is, however incomplete without, open to other characteristics of his trait. Ravana is described as a devout follower of Lord Shiva, a great scholar, a capable ruler, and a famous alchemist, an excellent astrologer, having very rare knowledge of medicine, an occult personality and having a deep understanding of music.

Horoscope of Ravana:

Ascendant: Libra
1st house: Saturn, Moon [in Libra]
2nd house: --- none
3rd house: --- none
4th house: Mars [in Capricorn]
5th house: --- none
6th house: Venus, mercury [in Pieces]
7th house: Sun [in Aries]
8th house: --- none
9th house: --- none
10th house: Jupiter [in Cancer]
11th house: --- none
12th house: --- none

Different yoga's present in the horoscope:

  • Chatussagara yoga:
All the four quadrants are occupied by the planets. In the Ravana's horoscope all the quadrants are occupied by the planets.
  • Shash yoga:
Saturn in its own/exaltation sign in quadrant. In the horoscope the Saturn is exalted in ascendant.
  • Ruchak yoga:
Mars in own /exaltation sign in quadrant. In the horoscope Mars is exalted in 4th house.
  • Hans yoga:
Jupiter is own/exaltation sign in quadrant. In the horoscope the Jupiter is exalted in 10th house.
  • Vipareet raj yoga:
Lords of 6th/8th/12th placed in 6th/8th/12th houses.
In the Ravana horoscope the lord of 8th house is Venues and the lord of 12th house is Mercury placed together in 6th house.
  • Gaj-kesari yoga:
Jupiter in own/exaltation sign is being placed quadrant to the Moon. In the horoscope the Jupiter is in exaltation and placed 10th from the Moon.
  • Saraswati yoga:
Jupiter in Exalted /own sign placed in quadrant/trine. In the horoscope the Jupiter is exalted in 10th house.
  • Amla yoga:
The 10th from the ascendant/Moon should be occupied by a benefice. In the horoscope the 10th from ascendant/Moon is Jupiter which is a benefice as well as in exaltation.
  • Nichabhanga raj yoga:
If a planet in its debilited sign and the lord of that debilited sign in own/exalted sign and placed in quadrant/trine from ascendant/Moon. In the horoscope the Mercury is debilited in the 6th house but the lord of 6th house i.e. Jupiter is exalted in the 10th house from the ascendant/Moon.

Highlights of the horoscope:

  • The ascendant-sign and the Moon sign is same i.e. Libra.
  • Moon is posited in ascendant with exalted Saturn, made Ravana a very notable and highly commendable ruler of the country.
  • Saturn is exalted in ascendant shows his cruel, aggressive and arrogant nature but also reflects his great interest for occult sciences and supernatural powers.
  • Lord of ascendant Venus is exalted, thus he enjoyed a very luxurious, materialistic and comfortable life.
  • Moon is badly afflicted by Saturn making the character of Ravana very cruel but a learned, a Tantric [soccer], a Shiva devotee and a person of highly manipulative political knowledge.
  • Affliction to Moon present many disgraceful moments in his life.
  • Combination of Moon and Saturn makes Punarphoo yoga, which presented many obstacles in his life.
  • Lord of ascendant Venus in the exaltation sign shows his rare musical abilities.
4th house:
  • Exalted Mars in 4th house made Ravana a very great warrior and owner of the prosperous and wealthy kingdom of the Lanka.
  • Ravanawas admired for his huge knowledge of weapons and sorcery because of his strong Mars.
7th house:
  • Exalted Sun posited in 7th house, the Ravana faced many powerful enemies in his entire life.
  • Lord of the 7th house Mars is exalted in 4th house, he was attracted towards many woman in his life.
  • 7th house being afflicted by Moon, Saturn and Sun is responsible for his sexual disasters.
  • Exalted Venus in 6th house, indicates he was believed to have physical relations with many women whom he had captured in the battles
9th house:
  • Lord of 9th house Mercury is debilited and posited in 6th house, he was the cause of downfall of his entire dynasty and disgrace for his ancestors.
  • Debilited mercury hampered his intelligence and he himself chose the path of self-destruction.
  • Mercury in the 6th house indicates, he took many bad or wrong decisions in his life.
10th house:
  • Jupiter posited in 10th house, made him spiritual in nature. He performed many difficult and rare sermonises and rituals to please many deities.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

द्रोपदी की मर्मान्तक पुकार !!!!

महाराज द्रुपद के यहां अग्निकुंड से पैदा हुई अपने समय की सर्वश्रेष्ट सुंदरी और कुरुक्षेत्र की सर्वाधिक बुद्धिमती द्रौपदी आज आपने स्त्री होने, सुन्दर होने और बुद्दिमान होने का मुल्यचूका रही थी  | अभूतपूर्व अनिंद्य सौन्दर्य की स्वामिनी  ,सौन्दर्यगर्विता नारी,  पांचाली पड़ी थी  निस्तेज और असहाय सी भूमि पर । श्यामवर्ण के कमल के सामान सुकुमार और सुन्दर कृष्णा का शरीर ज्वालामुखी के सामान धधक रहा था , दुःख, त्रासदीऔर अपमानसे उस अद्वितीय रूप-लावण्य युक्तललना  का मुखमंडलतपते हुए लोह खंड के सामानतमतमा रहा था | दु:शासन  द्वारा खींचेगए उसके काले घुँघराले केश कुचलेसाँप की तरह फुंफकार  रहे थे |

सभा पूरी खचाखच भरी हुईथी | वहां धृतराष्ट्र थे, पितामह थे, द्रोणाचार्य थे  | सैकड़ों सभासद थे  | वयोवृद्ध विद्वान थे  , शूरवीरहै और सम्मानित पुरुष भीथे  | ऐसे लोगों केमध्य पांडवों कीवह महारानी, जिसकेकेश राजसूय केअवभूथ स्नान केसमय सिंचित हुएथे, जो कुछसप्ताह पूर्व हीचक्रवर्ती सम्राट केसाथ साम्राज्ञी केरूप में समस्तनरेशों द्वारा वंदितहुई थी, रजस्वला होने कीस्थिति में , असहाय अवस्था में केश पकड़कर घसीटलाई गई औरअब उसे नग्नकरने का आदेशदिया जा रहाथा |

दु:शासनउसे  भरीसभा में नग्नकरना चाहता था।भीष्म, द्रोण नेआंखें मूंद लीं।विदुर उठकर चलेगए, सर्वत्र हाहाकार मच गया। आचार्य द्रोण, पितामह भीष्म, धर्मात्मा कर्ण... द्रौपदी ने देखा कि उसका कोई सहायक नहीं| कर्ण तो उलटे दु:शासन को प्रोत्साहित कर रहा है और भीष्म , द्रोण आदि बड़े-बड़े धर्मात्माओं के मुख दुर्योधन द्वारा अपमानित होने की आशंका से बंद हैं और उनके मस्तक नीचे झुके हैं |

द्रोपदी अपने त्रिभुवन विख्यात शूरवीर पतियों की ओर लाचार दृष्टि से देखती है | महा व्याकुल होकर उसके अश्रुपूरित दीन नेत्र इधर उधर देखा रहे हैं की कोई तो उसकी रक्षा करे , किंतु पांडवों ने लज्जा तथा शोक के कारण मुख दूसरी ओर कर लिया था | सभा में रोते-रोते द्रौपदी ने सभी सभासदों से अपनी रक्षा चाही। किसी ओर अपना कोई  सहायक और रक्षक न जान कर वह असीम निराशा और वेदना  के दलदल में जा गिरी |

एक वस्त्रा अबला नारी !!  उसके एकमात्र वस्त्र को दस हजार हाथियों के बलवाला कुटिल  दु:शासन अपनी शक्तिशाली भुजाओं के बल से झटके से खींच रहा था | कितने क्षण द्रौपदी वस्त्र को पकडे रह सकेगी? आज कोई नहीं, कोई नहीं, उसकी सहायता करने वाला | उसके नेत्रों से अश्रुओंकी झड़ी उमड़ने लग गई, दोनों हाथ वस्त्र छोड़कर आपने आप ऊपर उठ गए | वह भूल गई संसार,  भूल गई राजसभा,  भूल गई अपने वस्त्र , भूल गई अपना शरीर , भूल गई अपनी मर्यादा …… याद रह गया उसे केवल अपना सखा |

वह कातर आर्तस्वर  में पुकार उठी, " हे द्वारकावासी! हे गोविंद! हे सच्चिदानंद स्वरूप प्रेमघन! हे गोपी वल्लभ! हे सर्वशक्तिमान प्रभु ! कौरव मुझे अपमानित कर रहे हैं, क्या यह बात आपको मालूम नहीं है। हे नाथ! हे रमानाथ! हे व्रजनाथ! हे अर्तिनाषन जनार्दन! मैं कौरवों के समुद्र में डूब रही हूं, मेरी रक्षा कीजिए। हे श्रीकृष्ण! आप सच्चिदानंद स्वरूप महायोगी हैं। आप सर्वस्वरूप एवं सबके जीवनदाता हैं। हे गोविंद! मैं कौरवों से घिरकर बड़े संकट में पड़ गई हूं। आपकी शरण में हूं। आप मेरी रक्षा कीजिए। इस पुकार में पूर्ण समर्पण है। हे कृष्ण! मुझे इस संसार में अब आपके  अतिरिक्त और कोई मेरी लाज बचाने वाला दृष्टिगत नहीं हो रहा है। अब आप ही इस कृष्णा की लाज रखो। हे दयामय ! मेरा उद्धार करो |"

द्रौपदी आर्त भाव से पुकारने लगी | बेसुध होकर पुकारती रही उस आर्तिनाशन असहाय के सहायक करुणार्णव को | उसे पता नहीं था कि क्या हुआ या हो रहा है | वह अनभिज्ञ थी उन रहश्यमयी घटनाओं से जो घट रही थी उसके चारो ओर | आज
उसकी मर्मान्तकपुकार प्रार्थना बन गई आज पांचाली ने कुछ नहीं हो कर कृष्ण को पुकारा अब तक  कृष्ण उसका था , लेकिन आज  द्रोपदी कृष्ण की हो गई | अपने अस्तित्व को पूर्ण रूप से विस्मृत कर उसने पूर्ण शरणागति  प्राप्त कर ली  


सभा में कोलाहल होने लगा | लोग आश्चर्यचकित रह गए | दर्पयुक्त , मदमस्त  दु:शासन पूरी शक्ति से द्रौपदी के वस्त्र  खींच रहा था | वह हांफने लगा था, थक गईं थीं दस सहस्त्र हाथियों का बल रखने वाली उसकी शक्तिशाली भुजाएं | द्रौपदी की वस्त्र  से वस्त्रों का अंबार निकलता जा रहा था | वस्त्र का एक विशाल पर्वतनिर्मित हो गया था| वह दस हाथ का वस्त्र  पांचाली के शरीर से तनिक भी हट नहीं रहा था | वह तो अनंत हो चूका था | हारकर अहंकारी  दु:शासन लज्जित हो कर  बैठ गया |

दयामय द्वारकानाथ रजस्वला नारी के उस अपवित्र वस्त्र में ही प्रविष्ट हो गए थे | आज अनादि स्वरुप कृष्ण ने वस्त्रावतारधारण कर लिया था और अब उनके अनंता का ओर-छोर कोई कैसे पा सकता था?

अपनी सखी की मर्यादाढकने के लिए कृष्णआज स्वयंउसकी चीर बन गए थे |

कहते हैं बाद में वासुदेव को उनकी सखी द्रोपदी ने उपालंभ दिया " हे वासुदेव ! मेरे अभिन्न सखा ! मेरे आर्त स्वर से पुकारने पर भी तुम इतनी देरी से क्यों आये थे "

तब वासुदेव बोले  " कृष्णे !!  तुमने मुझे द्वारका से बुलाया , वहां से आने में समय लगता ही । मैं तो तेरे पास तेरे ह्रदय में अंतर्यामिरुप  से  उपस्थित था , यदि यहाँ से पुकारती तो शीघ्र जाता