Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yogini Yoga in Astrology


What is yogini yoga?

Yogini yoga is a mystical yoga formed when Jupiter and Ketu combined in a house in a horoscope.

Who are yoginis?

  • Yoginis are enlightened women possessing spiritual knowledge, exuberant passion and having deep mystical insight.
  • In several tantric cults yogini is referred to an initiated female who takes part in spiritual -sexual -tantric rituals. Or they are the mystical yogic sexual attendants.
  • The women having extraordinary command on the power of vegetation, fertility, yoga, magic, life and death are considered as yogini.

Jupiter and Ketu as mystical planets:

  • Jupiter is a dev -guru, who removes the ignorance and darkness by throwing the light of wisdom. It is planet of righteousness and justice. The higher attributes of mind and the uplift of the soul are governed by Jupiter. In religion one will have sincere faith.It increases the spiritual side of the native. The native may master many occult and mystical techniques during his lifetime.
  • Ketu is a mystical planet, indicating salvation and renunciation. The subtlest divine secrets of universe are expressed by the strength/position of Ketu in the chart. The native will always attract for silence and seclusion. Mystical techniques and ritual are indicated by Ketu. It gives intuition and forethought and religious mystical deeds done in the previous births.

Consequences of yogini yoga:

  • Both planets Jupiter and Ketu are spiritual and mystical in nature. Their association gives equanimity of mind necessary for spiritualism. The combination of the Jupiter and Ketu is a fortunate combination in the chart. Yogini yoga represents mystical and spiritual deeds of the past lives, the fruits of which will be experienced in this life. The Jupiter rules expansion of consciousness, while Ketu indicates enlightenment. Their association impel the native towards liberation or salvation.
  • The native may have many unexplained sexual -spiritual experiences in dream, meditation or in trance state, due to the sexual rituals or techniques performed by him in his previous lives, which are still stored in the subconscious mind of the native. In present life, the native may be frequently visited or encountered by his past lives mystical-sexual -partners having etheric forms, creating confusion, psychosis and phobia in the native.
  • Without any previous back ground of spirituality, the native may have deep interest in religion,parapsychology and philosophy,he may be mystical, methodical and meditative in attitude.
  • Sometimes the native may have strange/unexpected spiritual experiences, without his conscious efforts.

Monday, September 24, 2012

POWER-PRANAYAMA to Cure Deadly Diseases



POWER-PRANAYMA is a highly effective and intensive rhythmic breathing technique. If it is practiced regularly with empty stomach for 45 to 90 days all chronic, incurable or deadly diseases like cancer, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B, Parkinson, diabetes, HIV, asthma, allergies, are cured with 50-80% results. Diseases of lungs, heart, brain and kidney are permanently cured. Any type of tumor, cyst or gland in the body dissolved completely without any surgery.


Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position.
Close your eyes and relax your whole body.

Stage one 
Take 4 very slow and deep breaths from both nostrils.

Stage two

· Inhale slowly through left nostril [L.N.]

· Close [L.N.]with the middle and ring finger of right hand
· Exhale slowly through [R.N.]
· Inhale very slowly through [R.N.]

· Close your [R.N] with the thumb of right hand
· Exhale slowly through left nostril [L.N.]

Repeat the above breathing exercise for 5 minutes or 10 cycles per session in this manner

Close [R.N.] ---inhale from [L.N.] ---close [L.N.] --- exhale from [R.N.] ---inhale from [R.N.] --- close [R.N.] ---exhale from [L.N.].

Stage three

· Close the left nostril with the thumb of left hand.
· Now exhale air rapidly by right nostril by quick strokes, like 50 exhales in a minute. In this process only the stomach muscles should contract per stroke. Contraction of abdominal muscles helps to evacuate the lungs by raising the diaphragm.
· Now take a very slow and deep breath from the [R.N.]
· Closed the [R.N.] right nostril by the thumb of right hand.
· Immediately exhale the air from the [L.N.].very slowly.
· Now rapidly exhale air from your [L.N.].50 exhales per minute.
· Take a slow and a deep breath from your [L.N.]
· Closed the [L. N.] by thumb of left hand.
· Immediately exhale very slowly from your [R.N.]
· Repeat the whole set of cycle for25 minutes or 10 cycles per session in this manner:

closed the [L.N.]---50 rapids exhales from the [R.N.]---one deep inhale from the [R.N.]---closed the [R.N.]---slowly exhale from the [L.N.]---rapid 50 exhales from the [L.N.]---take one deep and slow breath through the [L.N.]---closed the [L.N.]---exhale air from your [R.N.]

Stage four

Now take 4 very slow and deep breaths from both nostrils.


· Gradually increase the time for POWER-PRANYAMA from 5 minutes to 35 minutes
· For chronic diseases practice the POWER-PRANAYMA twice a day in the morning and in evening
· If pain or dizziness is experienced immediately stop the practice till the sensation has passed
· Quick exhalations should not be very forceful.

· POWER- PRANAYAMA should not practice by those

a. Suffering from heart disease
b. In high blood pressure
c. Having hernia
d. During pregnancy
e. Having stomach ulcer


End time = 1

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dhyanyogi Madhusudan Dasji- The Great Master of Kundalini Yoga

Throughout the centuries there have been geniuses and illuminated souls who have been able to unlock secrets of universe. They tapped strata of mental and spiritual power to achieve the elevated heights of achievements. Cosmic consciousness is achieved when we are able to align our individual consciousness to God’s cosmic consciousness.
Generally a person lives an unhappy, confused and depressed life. He has no purpose or direction of life due to lack of knowledge of his true self. When a supreme master or guru awakens the dormant kundalini Shakti, the person start to experience the truth and realize the potential of his own being.Dhyanyogi Madhusudan Dasji born in Bihar [1878-1994] was an exceptional master of mystical science. He left his home in childhood for the search of ultimate reality.

After years of austerities and intense searching, Shri Madhusudan Dasji still had not achieved goal of self realization. Mastering different yogi philosophies and sciences for 30 long years he was yet not satisfied with his spiritual advancement.

Finally in 1921 on Mt Abu, he came in his highest the contact of almighty and fully illuminated Parmeshwar Dasji was a mystical, immortal and a supreme yogi.
Shri Parmeshwar Dasji was a divinely appointed, self realized immortal yogi, who always radiates a perceptible glow and super fine vibrations of divinity and cosmic consciousness.
Finally in 1921 he met Shri Parmeshwar Dasji his final teacher and a great yogic Guru in the mountains of Mt.Abu Shri Parmeshwardasji gave him shaktipaat initiation. He immediately went into the deep meditative state lasting for 3 days. Later on the Parmeshwar Dasji gave him the vision of Hanuman. This clearly indicates that Shri Parmeshwar Dasji was none other than the lord Hanuman, the epitome of ultimate devotion and consciousness.
Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudan Dasji was a unique being. As a result of his own spiritual quest, and more specifically, through the grace and guidance of Shri Parmeshwardasji, he became a master of Kundalini Maha Yoga, with the power to awaken the dormant Kundalini in spiritual aspirants.
Dhyanyogi Madhusudan Dasji was a Kundalini Yogi and had initiated only those who were spiritually ripe and receptive to yogic marg. The method of this yoga is awakening of Kundalini by Shakti - Paat, whereby transmitting His yogic powers to the disciple. The yoga is known as Siddha Yoga or Laya Yoga.
The saint community in India equated his status to that of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa. He was an adept who could transfer his own energy and awaken the Kundalini Shakti of another person by touch, mantra or even intent from distance.  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Attract the Supernormal Powers by Invoking the Sacred Flame from the Temple of Isis and Osiris

Invoking the sacred flame ritual from the temples of Isis and Osiris in the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is one of the most potent forms of meditation. Ancient Egyptians know the art of releasing the hidden higher spiritual powers of the human psyche through invocation and ritual.
Isis is a primordial goddess of universal power considered as divine mother and lord of fertility and Osiris her husband and brother considered to be the Sun god and the guardian of death.
The sacred flame ritual from the temple of Isis and Osiris is the miracle power based on the true faith. The latent power of your higher self is released when you believe in miracles. The magical power of faith helps in triggering the tremendous power of the subconscious mind. It infuses your higher mind with the power of faith which can heal you of any negative condition in your life
When to use the sacred flame ritual
  • This mediation is used for solving the problems and overcoming challenges of life, sickness, worries, anxiety, bad habits, lack of money and prosperity.
  • Manifesting your dreams and aspirations of new job, own house, financial security
  • To achieve fulfilment in love and marriage and find your soul mate.
  • To remove the undesirable persons, obstacles, unpleasant conditions from your life.
  • To raise the inspiration for creative work like painting, writing, singing, composing inventing etc.
  • Providing divine protections against psychic attacks, witchcraft and black magic
  • Performing miracle healing for you, your friends and relatives for different physical and mental ailments.
  • To improve your personality and become more magnetic and attractive.
  • To achieve spiritual awareness and self realization
Sacred Flame Ritual Outline
  • Material needed: a small urn [vessel], a candle, some incenses, pieces of blank papers, and a pen.
  • A quiet and a dark room is used as a sacred shrine of Egypt. Also have incense or other fragrance, which helps the psycho-neurons centres to achieve a state of elevated consciousness.
  • Before starting the meditation on the sacred flame, write down your requests on the small pieces of papers [use only 5-6 pieces at a time].The request should be brief and to the point.
-I want a new job with the monthly salary of 10,000$
- I wish my own three bedrooms flat in an apartment in a posh locality of the city
- I desire to quit the bad habit of smoking, drinking or gambling
- I desire marriage with [name of the person]
- I wish to attract my true soul mate
- I wish to remove the interference of [name of the person] in my office or home.
- I wish to regulate my blood pressure and blood sugar
- I wish to dissolves my uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts
- I desire higher spiritual awareness.
  • After you have briefly listed your requests, approach the burning candle with the pieces of papers in your hands.
  • You may then read the invocation of the sacred flame, which comes from the holy inscriptions found on the walls of temples of Isis and Osiris.

"I now approach to the sacred shrine in the temple of Isis and Osiris to ask for assistance of higher spiritual forces. I now consign to the sacred flame these dreams, aspiration and desires, inscribed on these pieces of, asking that they manifested through creative spirit.

  • Now read the paper one by one, light them one by one and drop them into the urn letting them to catch fire.

"I now release the creative power of the sacred flame, to burn away all the obstacles and obstructions that stand in the path of achieving my objective, dreams and desires. I now have full faith that these desires and requests shall be Manifesting on the earth to meet my destiny."

  • When the flames have completely died out only charred ashes remains, crumble them up and remove them in a piece of paper to disposed them away from your home.
  • Repeat the potent ritual after 3 weeks, giving the divine forces enough time to bring your desires in manifestation.
  • Sometimes the mystical power works at once and some time it takes longer, depending on the level of the faith, the application of the right method and the nature of your request.