Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Build Your Defences against Inceptions, Black Magic and Psychic Attacks

Whether, it is inception, black magic, psychic attack or the curse, all these are the negative thoughts, which have been placed consciously in your subconscious mind, to manipulate minds, psyche and your emotions by a person. These are the mind works eventually developed by the victim's mind. 

In the process of dealing these thoughts condition, you will be surprised to know that these conditions are the result of the self imagination of the victim, and have no logical senses of self existence.What these imaginations could have made?

 The imaginations could be cleared, If the maker of the thought form has thought it into their existence by visualizing them imaginatively, we can equally well think and let it out of their existence by picturing clearly and imagine them disappearing from your life.

The negative thought forms of hatred, anger, jealousy and malice are being consciously directed by evil people towards their specific target, for manipulating someone’s life and mind for their own interest.


Till the aura of a person is not pierced, there can’t be any entrance to his mind, psyche or emotion. You can build your own defenses against Inceptions, Black Magic and Psychic Attacks.

If the edge of your aura remains impenetrable, it will definitely defend against all psychic and mental invasion, as a healthy skin defend against bacterial and viral infections in our body.

You should keep this in mind that the chances of getting attacked by the practicing of black magic is considerably very less, compared to the attacks by the accumulations of  negative thought forms generated by normal people around you, to whom you are familiar with.

Build Your Own Defence: Ritual Outline
  • Sit in a very relaxed and comfortable position, with closed eyes.
  • Take 10 very slow and deep breaths.
  • Visualize the vital Prana as silver white light entering in your body, with every breath.
  • Now visualized the absorbed Prana being converting into a fantastically bright and charged silver white ball in your solar -plexus.
  • Now visualize the tremendous white light of thousands volts of spiritual electricity being surging up, out of your solar- plexus, like an active erupting volcano.
  • See it zooming and enlarging into a huge circle over your head.
  • This divine circle is a complete barrier to all negative vibrations. Visualize yourself encased within this divine circle in a state of complete radiance, health, vitality and happiness.
  • Now say with full command, force and power, that you can muster ''I am totally and utterly safe and protected in this divine circle of pure and protective light. I commend total protection and happiness to me, now and always. As I will, it is done"
  • Remain closed your eyes for few seconds. Open them after sometime, thanking the divine light for its cooperation, help and protection.
  • You have now built a powerful and a divine auric-shield around you, against invasion of any evil- thought.
  • Repeat this powerful ritual every day, in order to maintain life and force to this protection permanently.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Astrology of Anxiety Disorder

An anxiety disorder affects our feeling and behaviours and can be manifest as physical symptoms due to nervousness, fear, worry and apprehension of ours life. Phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder are some kind of anxiety disorders.

The anxiety disorder may manifest as physical symptoms which can be mild or severe in nature. The symptoms are related to heart, lungs gastrointestinal and nervous systems and manifest as upset stomach, difficult breathing, shaking of body, diarrhoea and convulsions.

Astrological factors responsible for anxiety disorder:

Ascendant: indicates our physique, nature and strength in general.
4th house: denotes mental tendencies.
6th house: the house of diseases and disorders.
8th house: chronicle diseases, emergencies and hidden ailments.
3rd/9th house or signs: they are mental signs.
12th house: mental diseases.
Moon: stands for mind and mental structure.
Mercury: nervous system, logic and intelligence of a person.
Mars: related to head and all diseases related to head, sudden reaction, and aggressiveness.
Saturn: indicates obstruction and depression and melancholy nature, fear, stress and suffering.
Rahu/Ketu: sudden eruption and undignostic diseases.
Sign Aries: stands for head and brain
Signs Gemini/Virgo/Aquarius: rules over mind and mental structure.

Astrological combinations for anxiety disorder:
  • Moon placed in 6th/8th/12th house, debilited, heavily afflicted, in waning state or eclipsed indicates anxiety disorder of the native.
  • Lord of ascendant or Moon is weak in chart and having relation with 8th house responsible for anxiety.
  • Moon combined with a malefic and Rahu placed in 5th/8th/12 house indicates very high anxiety level of the native.
  • Lord of 8th house related with lord or house of ascendant indicate anxiety.
  • Lord of ascendant, Moon and Saturn are related by conjunction or aspect definitely indicates mental disorder.
  • Saturn as the lord of 8th house and related with lord/house of ascendant or the Moon gives grave consequences of anxiety disorders.
  • Weak Moon/Saturn related to ascendant/8th house gives complex anxiety disorder.
  • Moon combined with Rahu in ascendant indicates compulsive disorder syndrome.
  • Moon combined/aspect/influenced by Ketu indicates severe anxiety of the native.
  • Moon/Mercury afflicted by Saturn/Rahu indicates mental imbalances.
  • Weak moon/ascendant/4th house and a weak Jupiter placed in the chart can easily give mental disorder.
Other combinations for anxiety disorders:
  • Affliction to 3rd/9th house and signs Gemini/Virgo/Aquarius will give rise to mental disturbances.
  • Affliction to 5th house and Moon/Mercury may cause mental disorders.
  • Cancer is the sign of emotions and severe afflictions to this sign will also cause mental disorder.
  • When Mars afflicts the Sun/Mercury in Gemini/Virgo, the native will invariably suffer from anxiety disorder.
  • Placement of Rahu in trine and aspected by Saturn also causes mental disorders.
  • Conjunction of Saturn and Rahu gives severe anxiety disorders.
  • Anxiety and mental disorders seem commonest those native born under the signs of Cancer and Aries.
  • The native born in Gemini sign are restless and anxious which can lead difficulties in focusing mind and they may suffer from mental and nervous disorders.
  • In Sagittarius ascendant, Moon and Sun combined in ascendant/trine and Jupiter being posited in 3rd house indicates anxiety disorder.
  • Moon and Mercury posited in quadrant and also placed in malefic signs in Navamansa chart indicates obsessive compulsive disorder of the person.
  • Malefic planets in their operational major/sub period will act as a trigger to generate negative mental attitude/tendencies in life.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Root Cause of All Diseases

Nature is the total sum of all things in perpetual motion in the space and time.  The universe is based on cosmic laws and all the phenomena are essentially of the nature of vibrations or motions of different kinds. Everything vibrates in the universe because of the energy possessed by it. Every matter, thought, belief, emotion, body and mind is a specific form of vibratory energy.

Everything in the universe is energy. There are only higher and lower vibratory frequencies. The lower or denser vibrations have less energy associated with them as compared to the higher vibratory frequencies. Negative blocks and emotional patterns have less vibratory rate as compared to positive thoughts, emotions or psyches.

Each vibration has its own individual wavelength which characterizes it and can identify it. All forms of matter are vibrating at different levels of energy levels.

Physical body is surrounded by a luminous human energy field known as Aura. Each aura emits it own characteristics radiations.

The aura is divided into major five [Panch] layers or sheaths [kosha] according to their level of consciousness, location, structure, colour, viscosity, brightness and density. The layers surrounding the eternal soul in a concentric envelops manner collectively known as Panch Kosha.

Aanamaya kosha made of cells and tissues . A cell is a basic unit of all living beings .

 Pranamaya kosha made of ether particles when we break up the cells we get a set of units which are all identical except that some are positives and some are negatives known as etheric units. Sometimes we use term Prana for etheric unit.

Ether a medium that was once supposed to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

Manomaya kosha made of Manas particle .Subdivision of etheric particles gives another finer or subtle unit of Manas particles. Manas plane is the world of passions, emotions, and sensations.

Vigyanmaya kosha made of astral particles. When Manas particles are divided we find even more subtle and finer Astral particles which are still material. Each Astral particle has its own extremely high vibratory energy and individual wavelength.

Anandamaya kosha at this level all the properties of material world lost in the pure realm of divine manifestation. There exists infinite frequency and infinite vibration. 

In quantum physics, as well as hermetic science, energy is recognized as the fundamental nature of existence. In truth there is no solid matter. Thus the human body, its thoughts and emotions are all composed of energy oscillating at various frequencies. The denser the vibration, the more apt we are to experience discomfort or disease. The freer the vibration, the greater is the chance for natural health, abundance, beauty, satisfaction and well being                                                                                                                              
All the ailments or diseases start as the distorted psychic impression on the Vigyanmaya kosha.

The Vigyanmaya kosha is made up of extremely subtle units or particles known as astral particles. The psychic impressions of all previous births are stored in the Vigyanmaya kosha in the code language like binary system.

This distorted or negative psychic system of Vigyanmaya kosha tempers the vibratory frequency of astral particles. Some astral particles of Vigyanmaya kosha start to vibrate at lower frequencies.

The lower vibratory astral particles further influence the vibratory frequency of Manas-particle of Manomaya Kosha.

The Manas particles are grosser than astral particles and they vibrate at lower frequency than astral particle.

Whenever a negative thought form like anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, rejection, fear and anxiety, is crystallized in the Manomaya kosha it hampers  the vibratory frequency of  Manas particles. The suppressed feeling, emotions, thoughts, memories and behaviour patterns force Mans particles to vibrate at lower frequency and cause an accumulation of emotional feeling at that area which further hamper the Ether particles of Pranamaya Kosha and despair their vibratory frequency.

Now the stagnate energy or energy blocks present in the Pranamaya Kosha crystallize a specific disease in the Aanamaya kosha or physical body.

From the energy field observations we can say that the seeds of physical, psychological or spiritual malfunction or illness   are present in our Vigyanmaya kosha.  Due to our karmic debts the specific seeds germinate at the specific time. They further create stagnated pools of energy in our various kosha, which when hold for there for long time lead to diseases.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Raj Bhang Yoga - Negative Cancellation Factors In the Horoscope

What is Raj bhang yoga?

The yoga that cancels the beneficial effects of raj yoga and some other positive yoga is known as Raj bhang yoga. Some raj yogas present in the horoscope are not experiential and fruitful, because of some negative and cancellation factors hidden in the birth chart.

Factors responsible for Raj bhang yoga
  • Debilitated planets in the chart.
  • Defeated planets (defeated in planetary war)
  • Planets posited in inimical houses.
  • Retrograde planets
  • Combust planets
  • Planets associated with the Nodes.
  • Weak planets
  • 6th/8th/12th house/lord
  • Raja Bhang Yogas
Combinations for Raj bhang yoga
  • Lord of ascendant posited in 12th, and Moon and Mars combined in 10th the native will deprived of all worldly pleasures and leads a lonely life in foreign land.
  • Equal number of Malefic posted in ascendant and 7thnot aspected by Jupiter Is also Raja Yoga Bhang.
  • Lord of ascendant placed in 2nd/5th from Moon, Sun is posited in 10th and a malefic placed in 8th, and indicates live hood through low level work.
  • If Aquarius is the ascendant and Jupiter combined with Rahu.
  • Three planets in the chart are in debilitation with no planet in exaltation causes Raj bhang yoga.
  • Rahu placed in ascendant and Venus, Mercury and Moon posited in quadrant causes miseries and poverty.
  • Ascendant is not vargottam and not aspected by any planet.
  • Sun, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter placed in ascendant indicate Raj bhang yoga.
  • Sun is in Aries sign but in Libra navamsa indicates poverty in life.
  • Sun is deeply debilitated in Libra sign indicates troubled life.
  • Sun is in its own navamsa, Moon is aspected by malefic without any benefic influence, even the native born in a royal family has to face severe poverty and hardship in his life.
  • Moon in ascendant or in the 7th not aspected by Jupiter is Raja bhang yoga.
  • Moon is in 10th, Jupiter placed in 7th and any malefic planet present in 9th, the native will be cause of disgrace for his ancestors.
  • No planet aspecting Moon and ascendant causes miseries in life.
  • Moon and Mars placed in Aries sign, aspected by Sun and no benefice planet aspect them makes the person Bhikshu [homeless monk, eating by begging for alms].
Specific Raj bhang yogas:

Kendrum yoga: when no planet other than the sun is posited in 2nd/12th from the Moon results in Kendrum yoga which gives utter poverty, struggle and mental tension to the native.
Sakata yoga: If Jupiter is placed 6th/8th from the Moon and Jupiter is not in quadrant or all the planets placed in ascendant and 7th house caused Sakata yoga, which causes paucity of money and peace in native's life.
Mahapatak yoga: If Jupiter combined with a malefic aspect Moon combined with Rahu, the person will be dishonest, unreliable and sinful

  • Lord of 9th is posited in 12th, lord of 12th placed in 2nd and a malefic sitting in 3rd causes Raj bhang yoga.
  • Venus deeply debilitated in Virgo and Jupiter deeply debilitated in Capricorn indicates strain in life.
  • Debilitated Jupiter posited in ascendant indicates great downfall in life.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

महामृत्युंजय मन्त्र !!!!

शिव तत्व

विश्व भर में जो मूल प्रकृति ईश्वरी शक्ति है , उस प्रकृति द्वारा पूजित देव शिव कहलाते हैं . “ शि ” का अर्थ है पापों का नाश करने वाला और “व ” कहते हैं मुक्ति देने वाले को . शिव में दोनों गुण हैं . शिव वह मंगलमय नाम है जिसकी वाणी में रहता उसके करोड़ों जन्मों के पाप नष्ट हो जाते हैं . शिव शब्द कल्याणकारी है और कल्याण शब्द मुक्तिवाचक है . यह मुक्ति भगवान शंकर से प्राप्त होती है अतः वे शिव कहलाते हैं . भगवान शिव विश्वभर के मनुष्यों का सदा “शं ” या कल्याण करते हैं और कल्याण मोक्ष को कहते हैं इसलिए वे शंकर भी कहलाते हैं .

शिव अखंड , अनंत , निर्विकार , चिदानंद, परमात्मा तत्व हैं . जो अनन्त अन्तःकरणों माया भेद में प्रतिबिम्बित होते हैं. अंतःकरण गत प्रतिबिम्बित ही जीव कहलाता है और मायागत प्रतिबिम्बित ही ईश्वर कहलाता है .

शिव ही समस्त प्राणियों के अंतिम विश्राम के स्थान हैं . अनंत पापों से उद्गिन होकर विश्राम के लिए प्राणी जहाँ शयन करे, उसी सर्वाधिष्ठान , सर्वाश्रय को शिव कहा जाता है .

जागृत , स्वप्न और सुषुप्ति तीनों अवस्थाओं से रहित , सर्व दृश्य , विवर्जित, स्वप्रकाश, सच्चिदानंद परब्रह्म ही शिव तत्व है . शिव ही परम शिव और दिव्य शक्तियों को धारण कर अनंत ब्रह्मांडों का उत्पादन, पालन और संहार करते हुए ब्रह्म, विष्णु शंकर आदि संज्ञाओं को धारण करते हैं .

मृत्यु और अमृत तत्व

जब शरीर निश्चेष्ट हो जात है और उसमें चेतन का कोई भी लक्षण नही रहता है तो हम कहते हैं की उसकी मृत्यु हो गई है . स्थूल शरीर से सूक्ष्म शरीर का अलग हो जाना ही मृत्यु है . मृत्यु के उपरांत जीव नया शरीर धारण करता है . वर्तमान शरीर को त्याग कर शरीरांतर ग्रहण करने पर भी जिन्हें पूर्व जन्म की स्मृति बनी रहती है उनकी मृत्यु , मृत्यु नहीं कही जाती है क्योंकि उनके ज्ञान की सन्तति विच्छिन्न नही होती है . उन्हें “इच्छा मृत्यु ”या “अमर ”आदि नामों से भी पुकारा जाता है . उन्होंने अमृत तत्व का लाभ कर लिया होता है . नए - नए शरीर में प्रवेश करने पर भी उनका ज्ञान और पूर्व जन्म की स्मृति लुप्त नही होती है . वे “जाति – स्मर ” कहलाते हैं .

अज्ञान युक्त देहादि प्रकृति के परिवर्तन के साथ “मैं ” भी परिवर्तित हो रहा हूँ , इस प्रकार का ज्ञान होना ही अज्ञान है . परिवर्तन का नाम ही मृत्यु है और इससे विपरीत ज्ञान की , प्रकृति के परिवर्तन के साथ मेरा परिवर्तन नहीं होता है , यही ज्ञान ही अमृत तत्व है . परिवर्तन शील “मैं ” के अन्दर एक नित्य स्थिर “मैं ” है जिसका परिवर्तन नहीं होता है , जो इन सारे परिवर्तनों का साक्षी है और उन्हें परिवर्तन रूप से जानता है .

ऐसे मुक्त- पुरुष संसार के बंधन से मुक्त हो जाने पर जीवों के कल्याण हेतु एक या अधिक बार शरीर धारण कर जगत में आवागमन करते हैं . ये लोग मृत्यु तथा प्राण तत्व पर विजय प्राप्त किये रहे हैं और मृत्यु इनके वशवर्ती रहती है. अमृत्व तत्व धारण करने के कारण ये सदा नित्य , ज्ञानमय और आनंदमय भाव में अवस्थित रहते हैं .

महामृत्यंजय मन्त्र

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ॥

हम तीन नेत्रों वाले भगवान शिव की अराधना करते हैं, जो प्रत्येक श्वास में जीवन शक्ति का संचार करते हैं, जो सम्पूर्ण जगत का पालन-पोषण अपनी शक्ति से कर रहे हैं. उनसे हमारी प्रार्थना है कि वे हमें मृत्यु के बंधनों से मुक्त कर दें, जिससे मोक्ष की प्राप्ति हो जाए. जिस प्रकार एक ककड़ी अपनी बेल में पक जाने के उपरांत उस बेल-रूपी संसार के बंधन से मुक्त हो जाती है, उसी प्रकार हम भी इस संसार-रूपी बेल में पक जाने के उपरांत जन्म-मृत्यु के बन्धनों से सदा के लिए मुक्त हो जाएं, तथा उनके चरणों की अमृतधारा का पान करते हुए शरीर को त्यागकर आप ही में लीन हो जाएं .

महामृत्युंजय शिव

मृत्यु पर जय प्राप्त करने वाले और अमृत का लाभ करने वाले मृत्युंजय हैं . शास्त्रों में मृत्युंजय महादेव के ध्यान के जो श्लोक मिलते हैं उनमें वेदोक्त त्र्यम्बक मन्त्र से मृत्युंजय शिव का स्वरूप जाना जा सकता है . भगवान मृत्युंजय के जप ध्यान की विधि मार्कंडेय , राजा श्वेत आदि के काल भय निवारण की कथा शिवपुराण , स्कन्ध पुराण , काशी खंड, पद्मपुराण आदि में आती है . आयुर्वेद ग्रंथों में मृत्युंजय - योग मिलते हैं .

महामृत्युंजय शिव का स्वरुप

त्र्यम्बकं शिव अष्ठभुज हैं . उनके एक हाथ में अक्षमाला और दुसरे में मृग - मुद्रा है , दो हाथों से दो कलशों में अमृत रस लेकर उससे अपने ऊपर मस्तक को आप्लावित कर रहे हैं और दो हाथों से उन्हें उन्होंने अमृत कलशों को थामा हुआ है .

दो हाथ उन्होंने अपने अंक पर रख छोड़े है और उनमें दो अमृत पूर्ण घट है . वे पद्म पर विराजमान है , मुकुट पर बाल चन्द्र सुशोभित है जिसकी अमृतवृष्टि से उनका शरीर भींगा हुआ है , ललाट पर तीन नेत्र शोभायमान हैं , उनके वाम भाग में गिरिराजनान्दिनी उमा विराजमान हैं . ऐसे देवाधिदेव श्री शंकर की हम शरण ग्रहण करते हैं .

शिव सदैव अमृत रूप हैं और अमृत में ही सराबोर रहते हैं .

मृत्युंजय शिव का आध्यत्मिक रहस्य

अमृत प्रवाह नाडी, स्पंदन अथवा गति के सूचक है . जिन दो धाराओं के द्वारा शिव अपने मस्तक को सदा आप्लावित करते हैं , वे गंगा - यमुना, सूर्य - चन्द्र के प्रवाह की इड़ा और पिंगला नाडी है, जो रज और तम की वाचक हैं . इन्हीं दोनों शक्तियों के कारण ही जगत की जागतिक क्रिया कलाप होते हैं . जब दोनों शक्तियाँ साम्यावस्था में होती हैं तो तभी प्रकृति -ज्ञान रूप का या सरस्वती का प्रवाह दृष्टिगत होता है, यही सुषुम्ना अथवा विशुद्ध सत्त्व है .

त्र्यम्बकेश्वर शिव के महा मृत्युंजय मन्त्र के जाप से इन दोनों धाराओं को शुद्ध और समन्वित कर मध्यम स्थित सुषुम्ना को जागृत कर विशुद्ध सत्त्व तत्व की प्राप्ति की जा सकती है . ऐसे जातक जगत के परिवर्तन अथवा मृत्यु के राज्य से त्राण पा लेते हैं .

महामृत्युंजय मन्त्र के जाप से लाभ

मृत्युंजय शिव संसार की समस्त औषधियों के स्वामी, मृत्यु के नियंत्रक , आरोग्य और स्वास्थ्य के प्रदाता हैं . इस जटिल और तनाव युक्त जीवन में इस मन्त्र द्वारा अकस्मित दुर्घटनाओं से जीवन की रक्षा की जा सकती है . रोगों का निवारण भी किया जा सकता है . भाव, श्रद्धा तथा भक्ति से इस मन्त्र का जाप करने पर भयंकर व्याधियों का भी विनाश हो सकता है . यह मन्त्र मोक्ष साधन है और दीर्घायु, शन्ति, धन -संपत्ति , तुष्टि तथा सदगति भी प्रदान करता है .

गीता झा